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EARLY BIRLD SENSATION 10GBP SOLD OUT. You can still Grab a pair Starting at 15GBP/25USD.

Hi Fellow Pebble Steel Fans, we're pretty sure most of you know how the Kickstarter Campaign work. However, we would like to share some F.A.Q of how to back and pre-order through Kickstarter campaign. We had officially launched SteelConnect on Friday 28/03/2014 at 12.00PM GMT. Please click the direct link above to our Kickstarter page. Please support us!

Hi! Please check us out on FacebookInstagram & Pinterest. Do support us and we will be updating you guys from time to time here. Please follow and support us! Thank you.


Hey Pebble Fans! Check this out. Our promo clip together with some of our work in progress. We would like you to know how close we are and only with your support we can make this possible. Cheers!

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