[FIXED!] Pebble iOS App v2.1 from 31 March = Crashing

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***Tue, 1-Apr***
1200 ET: Apple has responded and has begun reviewing our 2.1.1 iOS app update. No ETA yet on turnaround, but we hope it's a quick one.

***Mon, 31-Mar***
1930 ET: An update to the iOS Pebble app (v.2.1.1) was developed earlier this evening. This update fixes the crashing issue experienced in 2.1, and we've requested an expedited review for this submission. We hope to make this fix available as soon as possible.
1830 ET: Since it requires use of the Pebble app, the next round of Pebble App Challenge voting—narrowing down our 16 finalists—has been postponed. We will update the voting schedule after the iOS Pebble app issue has been resolved.
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1530 ET: We have temporarily hidden the Pebble iOS app from the iTunes Store while we take time to resolve the issues with the v2.1 update.

At this time, Pebble does not recommend updating to version 2.1 of the Pebble for iOS app, which was released today. A critical issue was detected in the application that prevents it from working. This will affect connecting, loading, and managing your Pebble from the application. Your Pebble will continue to work as usual, and in general existing notification settings should continue to operate.

This is a temporary issue, and the Pebble team is working diligently to make an update as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Many iOS users have their devices set to automatically update their apps in the background. If this setting is on, it will cause your Pebble iOS app to be updated to version 2.1, which is currently having issues. 

To prevent your iOS device from automatically updating apps:
Navigate to Settings » iTunes & App Store » toggle Updates OFF in "Automatic Downloads."


We'll keep you posted with any news and fixes as they come.
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