Pebble now supports Russian language notifications! (Android only)

MorbydMorbyd Posts: 338Member
Thanks to the good work of @Anton Veretenenko and @augmentedsmartwatch, it is now possible to get Russian language (and presumably Ukrainian, Belarusian and similar) notifications on your Pebble!

You can have your messages transliterated into Latin letters on their way to your watch. You'll need to use Augmented SmartWatch to send notifications to your watch ( and Anton's Translit Augmented Smartwatch ( to do the transliterating. There's a switch in AS to use translation, which tells it to use TAS to process incoming messages.

Aside from being great for Russian speakers, this is also a great proof-of concept. Hopefully similar work can be done for Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and other non-Latin alphabets. 


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