Button not working - no response from Pebble in 3+ weeks

FilipFilip Posts: 3Member Pebbler
The bottom right button on my Pebble watch has not worked since I received it.  Well, if I push really hard, it may be recognized by the watch about 20% of the time. That certainly meets my definition of not working.

I contacted Pebble about the issue on 3/7 (over 3 weeks ago).  I received an immediate automated response which told me to check the help/support documentation.  I replied that after thoroughly reviewing it, my issue was not resolved.  I have not heard from Pebble since their original automated response.

I've seen many comments that re-emailing only slows down the response.  Any recommendations on the best way to reach Pebble in order to receive a watch that works properly?

Thanks everyone.


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