[Watch face] Pebble 24 Hour Sun Clock with added Moon, Day, Date & optional Hourly Vibe function

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Pebble 24 Hour Sun Clock with added Moon, Day, Date plus optional Hourly Vibe function. 


For those that want to compile their own geographic version:
  • Before compiling, ensure to configure your location (longitude/latitude) and time zone by editing src/config.h.
  • Configure Vibe function (default is false) by editing src/config.h.
    • # define HOUR_VIBRATION true

Thanks to:
  • Michael Ehrmann (Boldo) for the original SunClock source
  • Chad Harp for the Almanac source
  • Dersie for beta testing the revised code
  • Slayer1551 at MyPebbleFaces for creating a decent 1-Bit Black & White image for me. :)

NOTE: If you decide to reuse the code or make changes, please ensure you credit the authors. Thank you.

Click for Compiled Demo Geographic Version <--Try it and see if you like it, if so, recompile with your own geographic details
Click for MyPebbleFaces <-- Compiled DEMO PBW uploaded, with source code linkage.

I have coded a "second hand" version (requested by @luminousfw), but, I believe we're in agreement a second hand is not entirely suited to this style of watch face so I won't release this version to the wider public.
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