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Building on Katharine and Bobhwasatch's work, a mashup watchface showing the weather below an Android-style clock. Bonus feature: A phone link lost alert!


An installation of httpebble on iOS is required, currently limiting the availability of this watchface to developers.

Update 1.3:
 * Fix polling for weather
 * Automatically determine units (C/F) based on location

Update 1.4:
 * Never leave your phone behind again! Vibrates when phone link is lost, and displays a "No Phone" icon.

Update 1.5:
 * Refactored code for structure and reliability
 * Contains some debug codes which may appear occasionally, will be removed in next build
 * Short vibration on reconnection after link lost

Update 1.6:
 * Minor tweaks to visual appearance.
 * Hit my own server to offload Katharine. Working 15 minute refresh.
 * Debug codes should be rarer (still left some in for troubleshooting)

Update 1.7:
 * Reduced buffer sizes to 124 bytes (may fix Android crashes)
 * Changed vibration sequence on disconnect to the one used by Niknam's Futura-weather
 * Don't treat phone-side weather download problems as a watch link loss
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