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By default, pebble can display caller number, when somebody is calling you. That is nice, but it offers zero control. For example if you have hands free headphones, you still need to take phone out to confirm call. PebbleDialer fixes that.

With PebbleDialer you can:
  • Answer or reject incoming call
  • Mute ringer of incoming call
  • Toggle in-call microphone mute
  • Toggle speakerphone
  • End call in progress

Everything above only from your Pebble!


You can also switch to other apps while in call and then switch back to PebbleDialer to get back to your call information and controls.


When you want to call somebody and you have headphones with mic or any other hands free device, you can now do so right from your pebble!

To call somebody, you go through 3 simple steps:

1. Filtering step
Here you filter your contact list so you don't have to scroll through all your contacts. If you ever used T9 dialer, its exactly like that except that each Pebble button represents one row of T9 dialer buttons.

Imagine you are entering name of the contact on the regular keyboard. Its the same except that on the Pebble you only have 3 buttons intead of 100 or so on the regular keyboard. That is why each button corresponds to multiple characters (for example if you want to enter either A or D, you need to press UP key in both cases).

Buttons correspond to following characters:

UP Button - abcdef0123 (this button also corresponds to symbols and any other characters not covered by following two buttons)
SELECT Button - ghijklmno456
DOWN Button - pqrstuvwxyz789

So if you want to dial "Michael", you would press SELECT, SELECT, UP, SELECT, UP, UP, SELECT.

You may stop filtering whenever you want (preferably when wanted contact appears on the screen). You may also continue to enter contact's last name (spaces are ignored) or you can even start with its last name.

After you are done with filtering, long press SELECT button.
2. Contact picking
Self explanatory, find your contact on the list using UP and DOWN buttons and then confirm it using SELECT.
3. Number picking
Pick which number you want to dial (mobile, home etc.) and confirm it using SELECT. Call will start now and switch to outgoing call screen in few moments.


Don't forget to turn off call notification inside your pebble app or you will have a bad time!

Source: Android | Watchapp

Known bugs:
Answering calls is not working on Lollipop without root mode
- Mute microphone won't work on some devices (Android bug, not sure if I can do anything about it). Try enabling root mode if you are rooted.
- Call answering won't work on some devices (Android bug, not sure if I can do anything about it). Try enabling root mode if you are rooted.
- Multiple calls at once is broken completely (if someone calls you while you are still in call).

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