Who wants a Pebble Watch Face Tutorial? (& ALL Parts 1 to 7 Released!)

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Hi all,

After using the Pebble SDK to create a good number of watch faces and a few watch apps, I've managed to obtain a position where I know enough about the process to write a tutorial to help others make a splash in making their own customisations to their watches. I have an initial plan written up for the first few instalments, and now I'd like help from the community to gauge the need for such a series of tutorials. 

Here's the rough plan:
  1. Beginner's Primer to the C Language
  2. Applying the C Primer to the Watch Face SDK
  3. ADDITIONAL: Setting up a Ubuntu environment
  4. Writing Your First Watch Face!
  5. Fonts, Images, Animations
  6. 2-way communication
Please let me know any other areas you'd like to know about in more detail and I'll do my best to write them up. I'm hoping to use a format that is accessible to a non-programmer to help grasp the concepts of C, especially for the first instalment. After that, the style will change up slightly to enable the reader to apply what they've learned without feeling too amateurish. 


UPDATE: Here are the finished sections:

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