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To help satisfy high demand, Jet Black Pebbles are available online at right now and in US Best Buy stores this Sunday, 7 July. People want their Pebbles, and thanks to our retail partnership with Best Buy, we're giving people more ways to make that happen.

General Info
  • A limited amount of Jet Black Pebbles are were available for online purchase, with most of the inventory set aside for the in-store launch on Sunday, 7 June.
  • Pebble's price at Best Buy remains the same: $149.99.
  • Cherry Red Pebbles will be the second color available at Best Buy, coming in August.
  • All five Pebble colors are still available for pre-order with us at
  • Grey, Orange, and White Pebbles are only available for pre-order with us at at this time.
  • Best Buy Mobile locations are not included.
Unpaid Pre-Orders
  • If you decide to pick up a Jet Black Pebble at Best Buy, no action is needed to cancel your unpaid pre-order from
  • We'll still invite you to finalize payment and create a Pebble Account when we approach your place in the pre-order queue: just ignore that invite if you no longer want it.
  • We started fulfilling paid pre-orders in May—we'll continue shipping Pebbles in the US and internationally as quickly as possible.
Paid Pre-orders
  • Paid pre-orders for Black, Red, Orange, and Grey should all be in Step 3 or later when you log in to your Pebble Account. Email order<at> if this isn't the case for you.
  • We'll continue to produce and ship all five Pebble colors and fulfill outstanding orders placed directly with us.
  • US retail availability of Jet Black now and Cherry Red in August will relieve some demand on the pre-order queue.
Kickstarter Backers
  • This milestone is as big for us as it is for you: as retail customers discover Pebble, savor the fact that your support got us to this point in about a year's time.
  • For all Pebble colors, Kickstarter orders have been fulfilled first before being available to others elsewhere. Best Buy availability of Jet Black now and Cherry Red in August doesn't prevent us from honoring our commitment to our earliest supporters.
  • Kickstarter orders for Black, Red, Orange, and Grey should all have shipping notices now. Email kickstarter<at> if this is not the case.
  • The first batch of Arctic White sent to our distribution centers covers the first 58% of our Kickstarter orders for this color. The second batch should capture the remaining ones. 
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