Gmail wont connect

LeeAnn02LeeAnn02 Posts: 1Member
So I have the pebble. and I just got a new phone, the pebble worked fine on my old phone. Not so much on the new one. It is giving me updates for texts but not gmail. I have two step verification and I tried setting a application password, but thats not the issue.

My pebble will not ask me for a password to connect with gmail. it says connection successful on my phone when i check the button for gmail..... but then I get no gmail notifications. 

It does not ask me for my two step verification password.
Before when I check the gmail box it would prompt me for a password. now it jut says successful.

I revoked the original application password and reset the pebble to factory settings, still doing the same thing. should I uninstall the pebble app?


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