[Android] Notification Center for Pebble - Ultimate notification replacement

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Feature highlights:
  • Display notifications from any app
  • Dismiss notifications directly from your Pebble
  • Reply to notified messages directly from your Pebble
  • Execute various notification actions (like read, archive or snooze) directly from your Pebble
  • Up to 900 characters per notification (see almost 4x more text than on regular Pebble notification)
  • Fully customizable (shitload of options for you to customize it to your liking)
  • Per-app-settings (every app can have different settings)
  • Full Tasker integration (change pretty much every setting or send notifications automatically via Tasker)
  • Automatically switch to native Pebble notifications when critical app is open (like stopwatch or sleep tracking) so app does not close and you don't loose your progress.
  • RTL translation support

On top of everything, it is OPEN SOURCE, so if you have an idea for a feature, feel free to submit pull request.


Source: Android | Pebble

I recommend that you uncheck everything under Notifications in Pebble app, so you won't get conflicts. If you don't use PebbleDialer, you can keep "Incoming Calls" checked, of course.

Special thanks to Elzor for hourglass icon, to Pebble Notifier for opening its source and to all other contributors [1] [2].


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