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Notifications are Pebble's main function. And while system works, it is very limited and has some more or less annoying "features". And since we can't really modify default notification system, I had to make complete replacement.

What you get over regular notifications:
  • Display notifications from all apps you want (think Pebble Notifier on steroids)
  • Dismiss notifications from your Pebble (Android 4.3+ only)
  • Dismiss notifications from your Android - reverse above (Android 4.3+ only)
  • Natively fetching text of some notifications (Android 4.4+ only)
  • View notification history
  • View/dismiss currently active notifications (Android 4.3+ only)
  • No timeout (notification stays until you look at it)
  • Significantly longer text (view whole message on Pebble)
  • Subtitle on all notifications
  • Clock stays displayed even with multiple notifications
  • No accessibility crap on 4.3+ devices (probably also means no TalkBack crap, but I did not had chance to test it yet).
  • Transliterating non-english characters to regular text
  • RTL languages support (More info)
  • Tasker integration

  • etc.

On top of everything, it is OPEN SOURCE, so if you have an idea for a feature, feel free to submit pull request.


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Source: Android | Pebble

I recommend that you uncheck everything under Notifications in Pebble app, so you won't get conflicts. If you don't use PebbleDialer, you can keep "Incoming Calls" checked, of course.

Special thanks to Elzor for hourglass icon, to Pebble Notifier for opening its source and to all other contributors [1] [2].

Android Permissions

  • LOCATION = Used for "light on sunset" feature, so it knows when sun sets right at your location
  • INTERNET = Two things. First, communication with Pebble Developer Connection. No connection to the internet is ever made, only to app on same device. Second, it is used for crash reporting.
  • STORAGE = Used to import/export replacement dictionaries

If you don't use features listed above, feel free to disable those permissions with any permission-disabling app. If you are still paranoid, you can check source code and build it yourself.


After you enable notification service and install watchapp, you will get all notifications by default. You can filter by app or by keyword/regex in phone app.

When you receive notification, you will get interface very similar to Pebble's native one. Controls are also slightly altered:

UP = Scroll up
Double press UP = Previous notification (moves to left)
SELECT = Dismiss notification (just removes notification if dismissing is not available)
DOWN = Scroll down
Double press DOWN = Next notification (moves to right)
BACK = Exit notification window (if you do that accidentally, just re-open app and see notifications from history).

Replacement dictionaries

Pebble is a not really good at displaying international characters. That is why Notification Center allows you to replace specific characters with normal ones to basically translate messages from international to regular characters.

To enable this feature, you have to enter all replacement pairs into Notification Center. You can do this from app itself, but it can become tedious if there are many characters. Other way of doing it is creating dictionary on PC and transferring it to the phone or even using pre-made dictionary.

Format is simple txt file and it goes like this: "original > replacement". For example "a > b" would mean every a in every message will be replaced with b. To make files more compatible, it is recommended to use unicode codes on the left side instead of plain text characters.

To import table into NC, place them into NotificationCenter folder on your phone's internal storage and use Import menu option.

Existing tables:

(If you made translation table for your language's special characters, feel free to make post about it and I will add it to above table).


If you wish to get new features first and help making sure they are as bug-free as possible, participate in the beta program. How to:

1. Join Google+ community.
2. Opt-in (link in the community)
3. Download new center app from play store or wait for it to update automatically (it may take some time to show up)
4. Download beta watchapp (link in the google+ community).
5. When you want to update, ignore regular procedure and just follow points 3 and 4.

If you encounter any issues or you want to comment on something in beta, please do so. It will help make it even better.

You can of course opt-out anytime and install non-beta version.

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