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This app completely replaces pebble's notification system with new one and adds a lot of features. It can function either with or without custom watchapp. Features that work in either mode:
  • Extreme customizability (everything can be turned on/off and customized to your liking)
  • Up to 20 custom canned responses (4x more than Pebble's default 5)
  • Enhanced notification filtering (regex, per-app ongoing toggle etc.)
  • Voice reply (using phone's mic or attached headphones)
  • Send notifications from Tasker and execute Tasker tasks from notification actions
  • RTL support when paired with PebbleBits firmware (More info)
  • Replace characters that Pebble cannot display with those that can
  • Modify all settings automatically using Tasker/AutoMagic/Locale
  • And more
Functions enabled by using custom watchapp:
  • Configurable notification timeout
  • When notification is dismissed on phone, it gets dismissed on Pebble
  • Up to 4x longer text than with native Pebble notifications
  • Shake actions (shake to dismiss, shake to mark as read etc.)
  • Per-App vibration pattern (know which app is notifying you without even looking)
  • Type your replies from scratch on the Pebble (and paste in predefined phrases for improved typing speed)
  • View currently active notifications and perform actions on them even if you already closed notification
  • Spam filter
  • And more

On top of everything, it is OPEN SOURCE, so if you have an idea for a feature, feel free to submit pull request.


Source: Android | Pebble

Special thanks to Elzor for hourglass icon, to Pebble Notifier for opening its source and to all other contributors [1] [2].

Documentation, F. A. Q (Recommended to READ BEFORE INSTALLING):

This forum limits number of characters in posts so documentation was moved:


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