[Android] Notification Center for Pebble - Ultimate notification replacement

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Feature highlights:
  • Dismiss notifications directly from your Pebble
  • Reply to notified messages directly from your Pebble
  • Execute various notification actions (like read, archive or snooze) directly from your Pebble
  • View and action on notifications that
  • Up to 900 characters per notification (see almost 4x more text than on regular Pebble notification)
  • Fully customizable (shitload of options for you to customize it to your liking)
  • Per-app-settings (every app can have different settings)
  • Full Tasker integration (change pretty much every setting or send notifications automatically via Tasker)
  • Automatically switch to native Pebble notifications when critical app is open (like stopwatch or sleep tracking) so app does not close and you don't loose your progress.
  • RTL translation support

On top of everything, it is OPEN SOURCE, so if you have an idea for a feature, feel free to submit pull request.


Source: Android | Pebble

Special thanks to Elzor for hourglass icon, to Pebble Notifier for opening its source and to all other contributors [1] [2].

Documentation, F. A. Q (Recommended to READ BEFORE INSTALLING):

This forum limits number of characters in posts so documentation was moved:


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