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  • DereckHallDereckHall Posts: 20Member Pebbler
    Derek, does pushing down (with a little force) on your pebble screen with your fingers do anything to stop the flickering? it caused mine to stop for a while... it of course returned later.
  • DyllonDyllon Posts: 15Member
    I tried pushing down on mine in a couple of different spots and it made no difference. There has been the odd time where the flicker stops but it always comes back, so don't get too happy if the flicker goes away as it will always return. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in the next firmware update. It's either firmware or hardware, I honestly can't imagine there being anything we can do that we haven't already tried that would resolve the issue.
  • GraemeTennickGraemeTennick Posts: 7Member
    I received my Pebble yesterday and paired it with both my iPhone 4 (iOS 6.1.2) and Galaxy Ace (Android 2.3.6).

    I unpaired the iPhone as I use the Ace for work (much to my disgust!) and set up Pebble Notifier and everything was working fine; Caller ID, Facebook, email, SMS the lot. I set an alarm for this morning and went to bed with my watch on.

    I woke up this morning and had the 'garbled' screen issue which others have identified on this forum. I turned off my Pebble and restarted it and this is where it all started to go wrong...

    My Pebble now has a blank screen? It's charged, powered on and connected to the Ace. I can send example notifications from the Pebble app, I am receiving notifications from those apps I've set up with Pebble Notifier, but the screen is blank (it does vibrate though, so I know they're being received). It lights up when it receives a notification, turns on or I press any of the buttons but nothing displays.

    I've tried a soft reboot, I've tried a hard reboot (recovery mode and reload firmware), but nothing changes.

    Unfortunately I can't send a request for a support ticket from the Android Pebble app as it doesn't seem to be working properly? I only get the 'My Pebble', 'Watch Apps' and 'Sample Notifications' menu items, I don't get the 'Help', 'Email Support', 'Version', 'Check for FW Update' and 'Settings' options? Might reconnect it to my iPhone and try raising one that way.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue with the screen? Is it recoverable or am I going to have to go down the RMA route?
  • SaeranSaeran Posts: 407Member Pebbler
    Unfortunately I can't send a request for a support ticket from the Android Pebble app as it doesn't seem to be working properly? I only get the 'My Pebble', 'Watch Apps' and 'Sample Notifications' menu items, I don't get the 'Help', 'Email Support', 'Version', 'Check for FW Update' and 'Settings' options? 
    To find these press the 'menu' button on your phone.  I circled it here on a Galaxy Ace...
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  • MarkWallerMarkWaller Posts: 1Member
    Contact support through the Pebble App on the phone?

    Er... any idea how to do this?

  • CaffeineJunkieCaffeineJunkie Posts: 2,234Moderator mod

    - Is there any way to issue a reset command from the Smartphone?  I know the buttons are working on my watch, and I've tried the various button-based resets, but none of them seem to help.

    Contact support through the Pebble App on the phone?

    Er... any idea how to do this?

    What model phone?  If it's android then someone explained how to contact support in this thread.
    If it's an iPhone then click the Pulse button or swipe the screen up and there's a contact support button.

    You can't reset your pebble via the Pebble apps.  On iOS that's the only option.  Maybe one of the third party apps on Android can send a reset signal.

    Certainly libpebble appears to be able to send a reset command, but that requires pairing the watch to a computer.
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  • OscarHierroOscarHierro Posts: 14Member Pebbler
    I haven't had this issue anymore in the last 5 days or so... I guess it comes and goes at random? very very odd...
  • DereckHallDereckHall Posts: 20Member Pebbler
    does pebble monitor their own support forum? this thread is a month old now.
  • Dan07Dan07 Posts: 64Member
    I suppose for any new piece of electronics that there will be a (hopefully small) percentage with  faults not picked up at the testing stage (if any) - I wonder what percentage of Pebbles are reported/returned as faulty ? There is a great difference between carefully hand made pre-production models, and bulk manufacture. 

    Do report when the replacement arrives.
  • dudupdudup Posts: 12Member
    whacko said:

    Did you update to the new 1.9 firmware? Did that help the issue or was it working fine prior to the latest firmware?
    Yes, I did the update and it's fine. I'm yet to see screen corruption again, it's like my Pebble healed itself! (thankfully)
  • MichaelEvansMichaelEvans Posts: 1Member
    My Pebble arrived yesterday and setup was straightforward. This morning I found he screen corrupted (or garbled as above). The Pebble was working despite the screen. I tried pressing various buttons and eventually the screen came to life. However, after a few minutes the same thing happens. 
  • rloving10rloving10 Posts: 2Member
    FYI: I had this exact same problem, as have others. There are several threads about this. The most informative began in early February when I got my watch. Here is a reply from Pebble Support stating what I needed to do, and what you now must do:

    SUBJECT: display garbled
    support@getpebble.com [support@getpebble.com]

    FEB 24, 2013 | 09:38PM PST
    Sarah replied:
    Thank you for your report!
    Could you please provide us with a picture and some more information? Has the screen had that error since you opened the box, or did it happen gradually with use? If the latter, were there any indicators that you noticed before it appeared? If you press the buttons, does that have any effect on the display? If you reboot the Pebble (hold the select button for 10-seconds) does the screen distortion remain after restarting?
    Finally, was there any damage to the case that you received Pebble in?
    Kind regards,

    Answer all the questions, and send a jpg of you watch in a garbled state, and in a week Pebble will reply:
    "Thanks, those were exactly what we needed.
    I have flagged your account for an RMA and we will follow up with instructions about how to proceed with the return."

    You'll get am email in another week with a link to FedEx with instructions on returning you Pebble. On the FedEx site is a prepaid shipping label.

    "Sorry to hear about the Pebble issues. Our fulfilment house will be sending you a shipping label. Please place both the defective Pebble and charging cable into the original box (or something similar), tape it closed and send it back to us for analysis. Once the tracking shows the return unit in enroute, I'll have you reshipped a new unit.

    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


    And in about a week after that, I am wearing my new WORKING Pebble. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  • rloving10rloving10 Posts: 2Member

    Contact support through the Pebble App on the phone?

    Er... any idea how to do this?

    Open the Pebble App on your Phone and then click you settings button (I am referring to the button you click to see settings on your phone for any app you're currently in) and choose "Email Support". But, you'll get farther faster by following the instructions in the previous post.
  • DyllonDyllon Posts: 15Member

    does pebble monitor their own support forum? this thread is a month old now.

    I'm sure they do look at it but they don't do support directly on the forum. Email is the only way to receive a response and I'm not even sure if they respond to every email.
  • AdamBurkeAdamBurke Posts: 3Member
    Well I guess I can add my name to the list of people who had this issue and had it just miraculously go away. It basically stopped doing this the day after I posted about my issues here and emailed support.

    Heres hoping it continues to behave itself.
  • MichaelSMichaelS Posts: 15Member
    Still having this problem with the background flickering, and the garbled screen is back, too. No response yet, anybody noticed this behavior?
  • RichardGRichardG Posts: 272Member Regular
    Sounds like a faulty display. You may need a replacement pebble.
  • DereckHallDereckHall Posts: 20Member Pebbler
    Thanks Dyllon, guess ill just wait my turn in the queue. how long have you been waiting?
  • DyllonDyllon Posts: 15Member
    I sent a email through the contact link on the website on the 12th and again through the support option in the app on the 15th. The automated reply from the 15th said my case number is 23623.
  • MichaelSMichaelS Posts: 15Member
    I think, yes, but do you think the mail send to support is enough, just need to keep waiting?
  • CaffeineJunkieCaffeineJunkie Posts: 2,234Moderator mod
    I think, yes, but do you think the mail send to support is enough, just need to keep waiting?
    It's not only enough.  It's all you can do.  Posting on this forum is useful for asking others opinions and helping where there is a software issue that there may be a workaround for.  It's also used for gauging the severity of issues by seeing how common they are.  They are not directly helpful with getting a resolution with a hardware fault that requires the item being sent back to Pebble.  Pebble support will get to your support request.
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  • DereckHallDereckHall Posts: 20Member Pebbler
    to op:

    its apparently a fairly widespread problem. we've been posting about it here:
  • BillAdlerBillAdler Posts: 1Member
    My Pebble watch also has a garbled screen. I've tried a reset, but the screen still is filled with wavy lines.

    The picture of my watch is below.


  • oscahieoscahie Posts: 16Member
    Hah had I spoken any earlier... the issue returned this morning for a few hours, now seems to be gone again. I don't know, it's hard to tell any pattern here, it just happens without any special condition, apparently.
  • ChuckyChucky Posts: 221Member Pebbler
    A little concerning that so many screens are becoming garbled and others are having issues with it being DOA.

    I hope my pebble has no issues.

  • Jordan01Jordan01 Posts: 3Member
    I'd much rather have this issue than the one mine has. At least you can see the time and all that good stuff. On mine, the blacks seem to have disappeared, requiring me to hold it perfectly in the light to see anything on the screen. The backlight just makes it look as if the screen is 100% white. >.<
  • Jordan01Jordan01 Posts: 3Member
    Mine wasn't DOA, just after 24 hours. Well, not actually dead, but unusable.
  • wakdwakd Posts: 3Member
    Well after a week of it being an on and off problem, my screen is now garbled permanently. If I press buttons for a while, I sometimes get a bit of readable text until the next press when it garbles again. I updated to firmware 1.9, reset my phone, BT connection etc. Seems like it is definitely a hardware problem. I got no response at all from my first email about two and a half weeks ago to Pebble (done in app). My second attempt where I included a screenshot and full details resulted in a reply with a case number that I got 5 days ago. Nothing since then. Hoping that the fact I am in Australia is not causing an issue - wondering if the RMA via Fedex has not been worked out for international backers yet...
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