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So I can confirm the Pebble RMA process is not fixed. 1. send email to support 1.5 After hearing nothing I email them again saying my watch is still broken 2. finally got an email response after 10 days. 3 They ask me to send them a video of the watch malfunctioning - I do. 4. They tell me to fill out the RMA form - I do. 5. It's in "processing" now for 48 hours despite the previous conversations, delay, and me sending them the video How many hoops do I need to jump through to get my watch replaced???
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    Now you wait for shipping label. Then you send it back and wait. Took me 48 days from first email to receiving the replacement.
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    Gene is a little bitter about their situation. You do not have to wait 48 days as they did. Your case is moving along fine, sometimes processing can take a little while, I wouldn't worry. If it's been over a week, and it still hasn't switched, then contact a moderator with your case # (and/or email address) so they can get you sorted out.
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    Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, Mag using the solution you suggested I'll be waiting for a month or more for my replacement watch. Can you help me out here? My first email went out 1/15th. Waiting until next Wednesday put's it at 3 weeks before I even get authorized for an RMA. How are you guys going to compete with iWatch if you can't get your customer service figured out. I especially feel bad since 3 of my friends have bought pebbles after seeing mine. We are all in the medical field and need to have a Reliable way to get notifications. Going a month without a watch isn't going to cut it. Thanks again. I am PM'ing you know with my contact info.
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    My entire RMA process was within 3 weeks, and I didn't have to be without the watch. They didn't wait for my watch to arrive before they sent a new one. I contacted them, they requested more info... then just when I started to wonder if it had been too long, they sent me the RMA form via email. This took 4-5 days and then they sent the shipping label for the old watch. The same day I received the shipping label, I received a shipping notification on my new Pebble.

    So the system does work - I know I'm fortunate in this case... but there are cases where the RMA system flows nicely.
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    Good to know, CopyChief. But here's the deal. Good companies do an RMA in a week or so and charge you for the watch if you don't return the old one. GREAT companies (like fitbit and Apple) replace your stuff with no hassles. Pebble is competing against both of them. I really want to like Pebble (I am a kickstarter) but the fact that they are tone-deaf is really tough. I want them to succeed. The status quo isn't going to do it - 3 weeks is crazy for a company that now sells at bestbuy. 6 weeks (where I'm headed) loses customers.
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    I'm a Pebble fan I guess. Love their product and how it beats the competition by being simple but effective. I've never needed to contact Pebble support thankfully but I do keep reading how difficult it is to get any sort of response. If this is true then they really do need to sort it out as it's important that people not only buy into a product but also have confidence in being treated well by the company behind that product.
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    Magnitude said:
    Gene is a little bitter about their situation. You do not have to wait 48 days as they did. Your case is moving along fine, sometimes processing can take a little while, I wouldn't worry. If it's been over a week, and it still hasn't switched, then contact a moderator with your case # (and/or email address) so they can get you sorted out.

    I'm not really bitter, I'm just disappointed that with the great watch Pebble is that their management has no respect for their customers. It looks to me like Pebble is run by a bunch engineers that have no experience with running a customer service business. My 48 day wait was not that bad, I bought a Metawatch to use while I was waiting, but still like the Peeble enough to order the Steel on day one and Peeble has already moved the date on that from mid February to mid to end of February. Peeble is a great smartwatch when it works.
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    Well said Gene. It is a great watch and I wouldn't trade it for any other. It is frustrating that they are sooo close to greatness and just wont take that next step. AND I received my RMA tonight. Unfortunately the RMA watches are now sent out in batches so I still have a wait on my hands. Many thanks to Magnitude for any efforts you made on my behalf. I truly hope Pebble can take it to the next level. They made a great watch. Now they need a real good customer service experience. The App Store will be a nice step.
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    Hey Magnitude,

    Are you out there?  I sent you a PM.

  • SvenSven Posts: 2Member
    RMA process is still slow as a snail:

    24.Sep.2013          new Pebble arrived
    15.Oct.2013          Pebble died
    19.Oct.2013          Launched Support Request, >3 weeks discussion followed, fast responses from Pebble Support, got another charging cable, sent a video
    11.Nov.2013         launched RMA Request
    12.Nov.2013          RMA approved by Pebble
    26.Jan.2014           Pebble: you're german? No, we can't send the Pebble to you, get an address outside Germany
    30.Jan 2014            I provided austrian
                                        ...waiting again...

    I'm really upset by now. Awesome product, customer support sucks. RMA is "in processing" now for 3 months!
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    Message a Moderator.  They can help.  But remember they're volunteers, not pebble employees, so be nice. 
  • LexingtonProLexingtonPro Posts: 17Member
    Happy to report I have a tracking number. Process is broken. Hope they fix it for everyone.
  • I also think Gene is not bitter, but right. Producing a great watch is nice, but doesn't make you a great company. The customer support just isn't good enough; either hire more people or look at the protocol.
    I got my first Pebble on 13th of january, it was like dead on arrival, with a battery that didn't last for a day. After this I had several mail contacts, but had to wait for a respons for a long time after every mail i sent. Now we are 31 days further (after the reporting of the broken watch), and I don't really have a clue what's going on. I received a mail like 5 days ago, saying my Pebble was sent to me. In this mail there was a tracking code, which has to show me the status after 24 hours (sometimes up to 72 hours), but now it's been 120 hours and still nothing. Next to this, I don't know what is sent to me.. Is it a new watch? Is it a shipping label for my old one?

    So, if anyone says Gene is bitter, I assume I am the living proof that Gene is not the only one who has to wait for a very very long time!

    I really think Pebble underestimates the effect of customer satisfaction, there are lots of examples of companies with great products that failed, because of a lack of customer satisfaction...

    Can someone who works at pebble please look into this (what is mentioned by me above)? After more than 6 days, still no tracking status available...

    When I received my first (broken) watch, it reached me within like 3 or 4 business days, so I lost my understanding of the process... 

    It is really annoying not getting a response on mails and not knowing what to do in order to get my replacement watch.
  • ChuyenChuyen Posts: 2Member
    I think my case is exceptional ... 

    I ordered the pebble at X'mas promotion with 20$ off. The shipping date was 6/12/2013 and till now I haven't received anything from Singpost. Email support tons of email, received RMA and still nothing. I think I lost 130$. If Pebble still do like this, you will lost so many customers. Apple is chasing behind you, and you know you're the lucky one. 

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