[Watchface][2.0] Hooves

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Just put my WatchFace up on the Pebble App Store.

You can search for Hooves, or use this link on your phone:

It doesn't look like the forum lets us directly link pebble:// addresses yet.

It is a pony-themed analog Pebble Watchface with custom watch hands. The hoof wearing the wrist watch is a hour hand, the hoof without is the minute hand.

I had a lot of fun developing a Transparent RotBitmapLayer in order to allow me to have the hands show up correctly.

I have to give lots of thanks to my friend Scott Beaudry (Scottbee) for providing me with the art assets.

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like at about 1:53 in the morning:

The source is available here:
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  • nfearnleynfearnley Posts: 8Member
    I've added the pbw binary to github so you install it even if you don't have the Pebble AppStore yet:
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    A little graphical glitch:
    on the full hour the minute hoof produces two thin lines to the right of the doctor's head.

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  • nfearnleynfearnley Posts: 8Member
    Ok, I'll try to debug it and see what's causing it. The RotBitmapLayer is a little buggy.
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