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Hi guys and girls,

Friday evening update for you! I want to answer some key questions that came up this week in the comments section and through private messages.

Again, we are trying to read every single comment and message. It's hard, but that's what we need to do to earn your trust. Responses are taking longer because we're don't want to just copy and paste text. Instead, we'll be posting updates to bring everyone up to speed. It's a 37 day long Kickstarter project, and we'll be present and posting the whole way through. We're also here for the long haul, and we'll be using Kickstarter updates even after you get Pebble on your wrist.

We will be offering a warranty for all Pebbles sent out to backers. We're still working on the exact details of this warranty, keeping in mind the interests of our fully international backer list.

Discussion Forum
We soft-launched our own discussion forum the other day. You may have seen a few links to it on the comments section...we wanted to try it out before sending it to all 39,000 (!!) of you.


That's the link! Please try to sign up using the same email address as your Kickstarter account. Don't worry too much if you forget, we'll be adding functionality to change your email address in a bit. Also working on new post highlighting and a search feature. What else do you want to see on the forums?

*Forum rules:* Absolutely no hateful comments. This will not be tolerated. We want this to be a friendly environment to discuss our mutual interest in a Pebble-y future. Please remain respectful of others. Other rules: do not spam, do not post copyright infringing material and do not post offensive links or images.

Answers to common questions
We've posted a Frequently Asked Questions thread to the forums. Click here! It has lots of info, like how to add shipping charges to your pledge and other important answers

Thanks again, backers! Have an awesome weekend.

Eric + Team.
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    Thanks for the update dudes. Keep it up.

    What have you guys been doing to celebrate this success?
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    please consider offering a standard 2 year warranty. here in the united states it's almost always 1 year. but offering a 2 year warranty would truly set you apart. if you play your cards right you could be the smart watch of choice in the future. i can only see the demand for smart watches to increase exponentially as time goes forward. I have yet to own a smart watch but it's hard for me to imagine a future where i wouldn't want the ability to screen calls and check text messages by simple glancing at my wrist. I plan own a product like this for the rest of my life. are you taking the necessary steps to keep me as a customer for the decades to come? Will you be able to compete with the juggernauts when they inevitably copy your ideas? i want you to be up for this task. but hopefully you have thought about these things on your own.

    All i'm saying is plan ahead plan way ahead. you are the best yet and do what ever it takes to sustain your lead.
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    Warranty, a minefield that needs to be addressed carefully.

    In the EU there is a directive that states that goods will be warranted for 2 years (more in some countries (note a)). The important word here is "directive" it is not law, however there are moves to make it law.

    In the UK we have the "sale of goods act" a key component of this is the " fit for purpose" element. A growing number of consumers are successfully using this part of the act to pursue claims when the original warranty period has run-out. I'm not talking about £5 ear buds, or cheap toasters. Furthermore the Sale of Goods Act states the following.

    "For up to six years after purchase (five years from discovery in Scotland) purchasers can demand damages (which a court would equate to the cost of a repair or replacement)."

    I do not envy the people at Pebble who need to sort this out. However it needs to be done. Consumers are becoming more aware of their rights every day.

    My suggestion would be as follows.

    2 year international warranty that covers replacement or repair in any country ( where the item is sold) regardless of where the product was purchased.


    note a:
    Goods purchased in Germany are covered by up to a 5 year warranty period by German law.
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    i agree with smart watches are going to be the next boom. smart phones are as common as blue jeans now. a styleish smart watch is the new big deal
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    Awesome watch and to get a warranty is even better :) I'm looking forward to hearing more about it in the future! Super excited for my cherry red pebble :3
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    No more updates on here? It seems that the forums aren't getting much attention now. I assume this will change after Pebble is funded on Kickstarter. There are so many places to look now for comments/updates, it's crazy.

    I can't wait for some better forum tools. Advanced Search would be nice. (like searching for all of Eric's posts)

    One of the most annoying things is if you forgot to log in while viewing a thread, you have to navigate back to where you were after logging in to make a comment because it brings you back to the forums home page.

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    Agreed on all counts.

    Update 6 the last one reported here???

    And a Search option might mean I don't end up answering the same question over and over again.... Or maybe I will anyway. People are lazy and stupid. At least then I could reply with the canned response "Use the search function"
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    Any news of the warranty or did I miss the update?
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    With the recent spate of "dead after shutdown" Pebbles, I fear the warranty period will be a short one.
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    Here's my comment on warranties:

    I was surfing KS or maybe Indiegogo the other night and on the front page or staff picks or something there was a hoodie. It was an effing expensive ass hoodie, but it's made with all the best materials and GUARANTEED FOR 10 YEARS. If you rip it, or break the zipper or otherwise manage to screw it up anytime over 10 years they will repair or mend it. I'm not sure if they'll replace it. They say they're making them so well that people will own them forever. And there's some videos of the stiching and descriptions of the materials etc. to hammer in the point that this is the best effing hoodie you'll ever own. Anyway, I've probably never paid more than 20 bucks for a hoodie, I just buy from wherever I find one on sale. But I will probably order 2 of these. 

    The point behind that story is that warranties offer the backer/buyer/potential buyer a peace of mind which may fuel additional purchases than just offering the minimum. I would therefore suggest a 3 or 5 year warranty, realizing that most people in 3 to 5 years are going to be onto the next great thing, maybe it'll be a holographic display, maybe it'll feature a miniaturized nano structure projector with the ability to shoot a 200 foot screen onto the wall of your home. Who knows. But in 3-5 years most people will not give a crap if their pebble no longer works. They'll likely assume it's the battery and figure it's outdated tech. But for a lot of people, especially with a product that has had a few DOAs, the peace of mind they get will be enough to let them make the jump to a smart watch. Realistically if I were the company I'd probably offer 3 years if possible. 5 years would really lend a lot of rep to the watch but can the company afford to repair/replace watches that may or may not have been developed to last that long. I don't know that estimated life expectancy of this device based on materials, tech and build quality. 

    I know that I like my pebble and wish it had more features. But I also am happy that it will continue to get better until it has all the promised functionality and probably a lot more. But just like the palm pilot and such, eventually there will be a colored screen iwatch or something that trumps this. Right now you're sitting on the top of the hill looking down at the world. I'd offer the 5 year if at all possible and trust that the people who want this now won't want it when it dies out in a few years. Most of us will have replaced it with the newer version with a color screen, microphone, matching bluetooth earbuds etc. 

    I'm sorry the post was so long but I worked in Marketing Communications and I think this can help you a lot. Post a bunch of stuff about how Pebble is sorry those who waited a long time to get a DOA can rest assured that their Pebble will be covered for longer than they'll want it. 

    Thinking like a big company, you could also offer a discount off the new model in a few years if they send the old one in, which you could be reselling after you check them out as refurbished to a developing company that is behind us in tech. 
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