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Hi Guys,

I just got the Polar Wearlink, and it's great to be able to run with my phone (runkeeper that is) keeping track of my heart rate.
I saw the demo for the runkeeper app on pebble and it's also great.

Now, something that would make things even more perfect is if pebble would also display the current heart-rate.

Not by connecting to the Wearlink, just by receiving the data from the app (runkeeper will be getting this data from the band it self)

Please, that's some what of a simple request, could you guys make that happen please!?


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    Lol - double post and even I can't delete it (for the first hour)
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    I think it's a great idea. I doubt it will be implemented in the first release of the Pebble Runkeeper app, but I'd like to see it there at some point.
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  • MaheidemMaheidem Posts: 12Member Pebbler
    I´ve already opened a ticked for runkeeper to implement it.
    But we need more people!
    Since you have more reach in the foruns, could you stir something up for this CaffeineJunkie?

  • MaheidemMaheidem Posts: 12Member Pebbler
    Any news about runkeeper integration, i got my pebble and really would like to use that integration for a run.
    So far i used the beta for runkeeper 3.2, but it´s very unstable, some times it shows on pebble, sometimes it dont.
  • SupesSupes Posts: 12Member
    I occasionally run with a Zephyr HR monitor but lately I don't use it so much because I found the voice updates to be too annoying. It would be so much better to have that on the watch.

    I guess the problem would be screen real-estate but then again, if a Garmin or a Polar can do it....
  • SamLaneSamLane Posts: 1Member

    Hi Marcos,

    Thanks for requesting this, it would really add to the value of the two.  To be honest I'm more interested in heart rate when exercising than distance or route or pace.  It would really make the app, fingers crossed.

    RE screen real estate.  Being able to configure the screen from within the Runkeeper app would be great, so users can choose the data that's important to them and the specific training they're doing at the time.



  • MaheidemMaheidem Posts: 12Member Pebbler
    I´ve opened a ticket for RunKeeper, so now their at least aware of the request.
    If everyone could open one as well, it would make things a lot more likely
  • CarlosSanchezHernandCarlosSanchezHernand Posts: 12Member
    Hope it will be added, I have a Wahoo HR and would like to see my heart rate on the Pebble. 
  • TomTarTomTar Posts: 86Member
    Maheidem, I would like to open a ticket as well but don't know how. Could you or someone post instructions? Thanks
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  • MaheidemMaheidem Posts: 12Member Pebbler
    There you go.
    Just fill this with our request for the heart rate to be passed along.
  • MaheidemMaheidem Posts: 12Member Pebbler
    Anyone got any news about this? 
    I´m starting to see some comments in others places about the lack of this info...

    I think we might get somewhere...
  • ChristopherMunozChristopherMunoz Posts: 5Member
    Guys, I have already downloaded the runkeeper app on my android note 2. But I can't seem to find a way to connect pebble and the runkeepr app so I can use it for monitoring my steps or exercise. How do you guys do this? TIA!
  • hhundschhhundsch Posts: 32Member
    Guys, I have already downloaded the runkeeper app on my android note 2. But I can't seem to find a way to connect pebble and the runkeepr app so I can use it for monitoring my steps or exercise. How do you guys do this? TIA!
    Just start an activity and look at your Pebble. Its magic!

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  • ChristopherMunozChristopherMunoz Posts: 5Member
    Got it Thanks!
  • SidrinoCastroSidrinoCastro Posts: 4Member
    Hello, any one knows how to see the heart-rate in other application for android that transmit to pebble?
  • NicolaiStubtoftNicolaiStubtoft Posts: 24Member Pebbler
    Have ser runkeeper to inform on hr pr minute. Would be better to see it on my watch.
  • BrianWilliamsBrianWilliams Posts: 1Member
    Still no movement by Runkeeper to have this implemented. They suggested voting for this suggestion on their website.. ;

    It seems strange to me that they haven't done this yet. 
  • Aeropilot appsAeropilot apps Posts: 123Member Regular
    Just letting you know that AeroTrackerPro with Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor support is available now in the Google Play store. AeroTrackerPro also syncs directly to RunKeeper, and of course displays the heart rate on the watch.

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