[Renamed] The dead Pebble thread (Firmware 1.8.x - 1.9.0 bug)



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    That answer is related to the iOS app asking to start working when receiving calls. Seems an automatic answer. Nothing related to the brick problem.
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    Wow. All of a sudden I'm happy I backed a color watch... Waiting another 8 weeks seems like a bonus at this point.
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    I agree, they ether didn't understand or send the standard answer out. On twitter they said to file a report with the Pebble APP. Du I already did that. It looks like more people are getting bricked so I think Pebble will eventually figure this out. Everyone please keep reporting this problem to Pebble support.
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    My pebble is dead too. 
    Pebble Team - Why didn't you send warrning to all backers yesterday saying not to turn off our watches tonight?!

    So much waiting, 2 days of using and... now i have only useless piece of plastic
    I so regrets backing up Pebble
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    I am trying to imagine how they're going to fix this issue. If the watches are dead simply because you turned them off, then how will they reactivate them? The watch will take no input, so a firmware fix, I would imagine, would not address these watches (only ones which haven't died yet). It doesn't appear to be a charging issue, since many people, including myself, reported full charges prior to it dying, along with voltmeter testing indicating that the cable is acting properly. Since there is no way to communicate with the watch except via bluetooth, and the watch needs to turn on to get bluetooth, then it's a chicken or egg situation.

    I guess having a USB port on the watch is looking better and better these days, since it would likely be possible to access the watch via USB even in its dead state (like a smartphone can do). Oh well.

    The only "fix" would appear to be to reactivate these dead watches via an RMA and an exchange. 
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    Great news. Thanks Eric.
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    Just thought I would jump in and add my self to the list of people with a dead Pebble. Not trying to troll, just very disappointed because I loved my pebble for these first couple weeks and just really wish it still worked.

    On a side note, I was thinking of putting together a survey for people whose Pebble's have had this issue and then forwarding that results of the survey on to the Pebble team. Might provide some information on specific settings that contribute to the problem. Anybody else think that might be a good idea?

    And thanks for the response, Eric! Is a problem if I didn't use the word shutdown in the support request I sent in?
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    Thanks Eric,

    I recieved response within 6 hrs of e-mailing support. I am expecting the RMA which will be done on monday from Eric's Response. I will be eagerly awaiting my pebble. I have skinomi on it as well, but i guess we will have to order a replacement as they have life time warranty on them any ways.
    Nice to  know that we are being support!!!!

  • CarloMartiniCarloMartini Posts: 2Member
    many thanks Eric
    just sent my mail
    waiting for RMA 
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    It's good that Eric responded, but it would be better if they prominently posted somewhere on their site that people should not shut down their watches until they've ruled that out as a cause - since it seems most watches go dead after a shutdown.  It would also possibly cut down on the number of RMA replacements they'll need to ship out if people can keep their watches "alive" until a firmware fix comes out (assuming it can be fixed in firmware).
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    Guess I'll be waiting for an email response after all then. Still hoping it might work again after some period time but it seems like a lost cause at this point.

    A real shame since I was loving it up until now, nice watchfaces, music control, sms alerts... now a brick.
    I hope a simple firmware update can fix this for anyone who hasn't shutdown their watch yet, otherwise that's a lot of exchanges.

    I think we should keep watching this thread in hope that a miracle solution is found, or at least a possible explanation of what went wrong.
    (In case you were confused about "ponies" in my last post, it seems a browser plugin (Ponify) modifies sent html as well as received...)

    Edit: Got an email reply including "higher-than-average amount of emails" and generic FAQ, though I presume they've still technically accepted the issue since there is also "Case # #26541" ?
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    Thanks Eric. I also have a dead Pebble, but loved it while it worked and am looking forward to getting it going again.
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    fhall1 said:
    ... it seems most watches go dead after a shutdown. 
    I don't think you can say that. I shutdown mine several times a day, both before and after 1.9.
    Remember that people that don't have a problem, won't be on this thread. Except me :-)

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    Add me to the list. Update to 1.9. Used it for about 1 hour. Shut it down over night. Absolutely nothing in the morning. Tried everything. Nothing, just dead. :-(
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    I think the processor is in an endless loop during shutdown. It should walk again when the battery is completely empty.It will then recharge the watch. I think we should wait 10 days before recharging and turn on the watch.

    You do not destroy an electronic circuit by turning it off.
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    Mine would not respond this morning.  I have been using the latest firmware since it was released and have shut the watch down each night without issue.  The one thing I did different yesterday was this - I charged the watch mid-day with it on to ensure the battery indicator was showing a charge (I have normally charged the watch with it off). I checked the watch when going to bed and it showed a full charge.  I decided to leave it connected to the charging cable, but thought I would turn it off.  I used the shutdown in the menu and this morning, the watch would not respond.

    I have never shut the watch off before when it was plugged into the charging cable.  I'm not sure if this is part of the issue, but thought I would pass along the information.

    I sent email this morning to support and now wait, while going through massive withdraw.  Hopefully support will contact early next week as indicated by Eric.

    Thank you Eric for taking the time to respond on a weekend.  Hopefully I will hear from support soon.

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    mine is dead since 14 days and i am hoping to run down the battery so that the software can restart. no luck yet. btw, i did the shutdown when it wasn't connected to the charging cable. my firmware was 1.82.
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    my watch is dead error 0xFE504510 no solution yet

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    fhall1 said:
    ... it seems most watches go dead after a shutdown. 
    I don't think you can say that. I shutdown mine several times a day, both before and after 1.9.
    Remember that people that don't have a problem, won't be on this thread. Except me :-)

    No issues here, but I also don't shut my Pebble down.
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    Mind will not respond or power on this morning either.  Tried charging all day, still nothing.

  • garyantoinegaryantoine Posts: 20Member
    Thank you Eric for responding. Love the Pebble and can't wait to get another. keep up the great work.
  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    Is that you put the pebble in charge after shutdown? and after she died ?

    It is possible that charge regulation does not work if the clock is off ? in this case lipo swelling and died later.
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    My pebble is dead too!
    I didn't turn it off, it just went off in the middle of the night (it still has battery I'm sure as it was fully charged just 2 days ago).
    It cannot be turned on or charged anymore.. Brick!
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    I'm one that has not had this problem at least to the point it wouldn't recover. Upgraded to 1.9 and do occasionlly shut it off and then back on.

    Right after I upgraded to 1.9 and before there were reports of this problem, one time it wouldn't come alive. I started holding various buttons and it woke. Today I looked at the time on it and it was frozen. I shut it off then back on and all is well for now.
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    I too will be expecting my RMA label Monday. Eric also personally messaged me, which is vastly appreciated. He states I have issues getting emails from their domain. Although I get others fine so I'm not sure the issue. I did get another email Friday stating it takes longer to process this issue since I don't have a kick starter account. I hope they send replacement pebbles out Monday. That way they can cross in the mail. I wouldn't mind like putting a $100 hold on my card or anything, I just want my pebble again. :/
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    Add one more to the 'shutdown killed my Pebble' list. Just sent an email to support and got their auto reply. Has anyone received their replacement watch yet?
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    @metroidmen i guess you're in the us? the rma process as the original delivery should be pretty painless for you. i'm in germany and i don't know how it will play out for me. my original delivery needed one month to germany, cost me 20€ customs and right now there seems to be a problem with german customs because of pebbles lack of documentation. maybe they can send rma pebbles from the us to overseas to avoid any further prolems we've had. i've hoped these worries were behind me after i've finally hold my pebble in my hands two weeks ago. and then i selected shutdown...
  • metroidmenmetroidmen Posts: 331Member Regular

    Yeah, I'm Florida. I just want my replacement as soon as possible. I bought mine off eBay, so I'm not directly familiar with the shipping process. But from I've seen and heard it isn't too bad. It's just be more than fantastic if I could receive it this week. But that is beyond unlikely. I'd willingly pay expedited shipping.
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    Hi My Pebble went dead because I forgot to charge it. After charging it was totaly dead, no buttons was functioning. Then I discovered in my phoneapp that bluetooth was off so I turned it on again. Now Pebble woke up. Maybe something to try.
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