Pebble Charging - Full Charge in 15 Minutes?

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When I plug my Pebble into charge, in the menu the battery sign with the lightning bolt comes up no problem.  I just came back from my shower, which couldn't have been longer than 15 minutes and now there's just a battery (one without the lightning bolt).  Is this normal, and more importantly has my watch charged?  The last time it was charged was last night so I doubt it could have charged the whole thing in 5 minutes.  What's going on?  
I should point out when I got it I charged it for about three hours and the lightning bolt was there the whole time, after about three hours there was no lightning bolt so I unplugged it.  Also it's unlikely I have one of the rogue cables as it is charging some how.
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    I must admit it does sound suspicious, however it is just a top up charge if its only after 24 hours use.

    Too soon to tell I guess.
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    Should I unplug it considering it now thinks it's charged?  Should I send a tip to Pebble support?  It would be great to see if anyone else has a similar problem (not sure if it is a "problem" but oh well).
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    Just unplugged and plugged it in again.  We'll see how long it stays charging this time.
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    As you can see it's only been 3 minutes since my last post and it's back to the battery sign without the bolt.  Weird but we'll see how it goes

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    If you only charged it last night, it won't need charging again for days. I've yet to find out how long my lasts, only got it Thursday.

    If you try and charge again shortly after fully charging, it will show the lighting bolt for a while again then go off. Just as you describe.

    I would say there is nothing wrong. Take a look at this help page for more info. Link
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