Pebble battery issues and iPhone standby time

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I'm a new Pebbler and on its first full charge my Pebble barely made it through 48 hours of "normal" usage before I had to charge it again. I know I'm not alone on this but I noticed that my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.0.2, jailbroken) is now reporting usage stats with "Standby" and "Usage" times linked together (i.e. equal values), which basically means something in the background is preventing the OS from going into 'sleep' mode, most definitely the Pebble. I've tried toggling Airplane mode on and off and rebooting the phone but even though once I managed to detach the stats then sometime later the standby time began raising non-stop again.

I was wondering whether this is also true for everyone else having 2-3 days of battery while paired to iPhones?
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    Just FYI:

    Found the cause of this issue: the Pebble app. If I manually kill it and ignore every subsequent system request asking for permission of Pebble to communicate with it, then the iOS Standby time goes back to normal (i.e. decoupled from the Usage time) and the iPhone's battery life is awesome again (considering that wearing the Pebble I've set up the phone in Do Not Disturb mode while at work, therefore the screen doesn't need to be turned on each time a new notification arrives, which ought to save a significant amount of power).

    And after killing the Pebble app I can still get all the notifications, only no caller-ID on incoming calls, but that's not a big deal so far.
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