RCR Wireless article compares Pebble with Apple and Samsung plans

JohnMorfitJohnMorfit Posts: 4Member
See http://www.rcrwireless.com/article/20130320/devices/watch-this-samsung-apple-pebble-race-put-smartphone-wrist/ for the article posted 20 March 2013 by Martha DeGrasse.
The article discusses the advantages to Apple (and I would say that Apple MUST have a smartwatch if there are Android smartwatches around) and how Samsung is taking Android in a proprietary direction with their heavy focus on software development.


  • SkyjumperSkyjumper Posts: 35Member Pebbler
    Lots of words to say almost nothing...

  • BrandonMyersBrandonMyers Posts: 5Member
    This biggest difference between those watches and the pebble, is I have a pebble on my wrist right now.
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