email notifications not working after update:

MikeDePaceMikeDePace Posts: 2Member
email notifications not working after update:

samsung galaxy note 2.  before update i would get a generic notification from the default email app.  after the update I get nothing.

anyone else experiencing this?


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    I've deleted your cross-post in general discussion.
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  • redbullredbull Posts: 2Member
    Yes, I'm seeing the same thing. Everything worked before the 1.9 update. (My Pebble is paired to a Galaxy S3.) My stock Samsung email app has 3 accounts configured - 2 Hotmail accounts and one Exchange. I also have a Gmail account on the phone and keep that on the Gmail app. Gmail still works.

    I used to get a notification for every email. When an email came in on the Samsung app, I would get a simple "New email received" notification on the Pebble. One weird behaviour is that I would get the notifications again as I deleted the emails on my phone. Now I get no email notifications at all from the stock app.

    Gmail is still sending notifications though, and these include the email's title and content, so I';m considering dumping the stock app and seeing if I can get all my email moved to Gmail.

  • metsallicametsallica Posts: 12Member Pebbler
    I only had my Pebble for a day and have an iPhone 5, but I'm having the same issue. Worked the first day, 1.9 stopped them and I can't get them back no matter what I do. I think, but I'm not positive as again -- only had the Pebble for a day prior to the update, it stripped Called ID from phone calls too. Thought that was working prior. 
  • MikeBrookfieldMikeBrookfield Posts: 5Member
    I have the same issue.  I just received my pebble and it updated to v1.90.  New email from from work (exchange server) through the default samsung email client don't generate any notifications on the watch (generates them fine on the phone). All other notifications work, however. I have the pebble accessibility service enabled and enabled the default email notification in the pebble setup. 
  • RaghuBhagavatulaRaghuBhagavatula Posts: 5Member
    I see the same too.. My IMAP email notifications pops up as " An email received" and no sneak or peek of the email. The same thing happens with the Whatsapp notifications. I have had pebble for only a day so cant really compare. Having just a notification doesn't serve the purpose. The same can be accessed through the ringtone of the phone. @pebble team.. help us out
  • I have always had issues with the reminders, calendar and email notifications on IOS iphone 5.  It worked for a while and then gone and cant get it back.
  • MikeBrookfieldMikeBrookfield Posts: 5Member
    Follow-up to my previous post.  After turning various settings on/off, pair/unpair, now I get a simple "New email received" notification but that's it.  Step in the right direction, but like Raghu said, I'd like to have a sneak peak at the email like gmail notifications.  
    Did it ever do this? Was it intended to show you the email?
  • HanlonMillerHanlonMiller Posts: 2Member Pebbler
    I have an iPhone 5 and have found that I lose email notifications any time the watch loses Bluetooth connection or power and i can easily get it back by doing the following three things:
    1. Turn the iPhone ring/silent switch on the left to Ring.
    2. Turn "Show in Lockscreen" off and then on
    3. Turn "Notification Center" off and then on
    I'm not sure which one of these three (or all triggers it) but as soon as I do this email notifications on the Pebble start working again
  • LecerfThierryLecerfThierry Posts: 4Member
    same thing, calendar and email notifications on IOS iphone 5 does not work.  
  • HanlonMillerHanlonMiller Posts: 2Member Pebbler
    same thing, calendar and email notifications on IOS iphone 5 does not work.  
    Did you try turning the ring/silent switch on (to ring) and switching off and then on both "Show in Lockscreen Center" and "Notification Center" in Mail Settings? It worked for me.
  • LecerfThierryLecerfThierry Posts: 4Member
    same thing, calendar and email notifications on IOS iphone 5 does not work.  
  • tgwastetgwaste Posts: 620Member Regular
    No cal and email here either.  calls and sms work only.  v1.10

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