Notifications Scrolling

How about saving say the last 10 notifications, or make it configurable, that can be scrolled.


  • DylanWilsonDylanWilson Posts: 16Member
    That would be nice. Ideally, I'd like to have a "folder" (Like the "Watchfaces" folder in 1.9) that has the last XX notifications. Then we could tap the middle right button once to open a list of the notification from newest to oldest, Then I imagine the notifications screen looking a lot like the Watchfaces screen. It could have a small picture indicating if it's an Email, Text Message, Missed Call, or whatever else, the name like how the name of the watch is, and maybe like the first 3 words or what not like how "Selected" appears under the watchface you are currently using.
  • SaeranSaeran Posts: 421Member Pebbler
    Personally I don't see the need for a folder but when multiple notifications come at once, I'd rather they pile up on top of each other, so then you can dismiss them one by one instead of only seeing the latest one.
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  • KenNgKenNg Posts: 39Member
    This is definitely useful. I like the idea of having an app to store last 10-20 notifications. However, I'd also like Saeran's idea that multiple notifications pile up instead of being immediately dismissed by a new notification.

    In fact, I'd had the idea that the Pebble should natively 'remember' the last 10 notifications which you can always browse back from the watch face, using the back button.
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  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    Very far of the 100 notification per widget on Sony Smartwatch :(
    (100 for K9Mail, 100 for Google Talk, 100 for Gmail, 100 for CustomNotify, 100 for Facebook, 100 for Twitter, 100 for SMS...... (100 for any widget you install)) 100 for "new event" but this are erased after viewing, normal, after is not yet New events ;)

    Inpulse : 8 for mail, 8 for SMS, 8 for Call, 4 for Calendar

    It would be nice if pebble could inspire other SmartWatch already functional and have been adequately studied.

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