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As someone who's waiting with some anticipation for my Pebble (yes it's a color Pebble and white to be specific), I probably spend more time than I should looking for information on when it might be made and shipped. I am approaching a year since I backed, was dissapointed but sort of understanding when the production and delivery slipped, but less so as more time passes and information remains scant. So my question here is: am I the only one that thinks Pebble is missing the boat with what they are doing on Twitter? The nature of Twitter is such that it seems perfect for them. They can offer up mini-updates on the nuances of perfecting colors, switching lenses, dealing wwith multiple shipping systems and many countries, identifying and squashing bugs and in general dealing with anxious people like myself who want their goodies and want them now. What I don't want and what seems to be prevalent on the current system is gifs from bad movies, links to updates that I've already read ad nauseum and the same old same old about pre-orders, etc. Occasionally there are people who need help and who seem to get it there but that doesn't seem to be a big part of what they are doing. 

I understand that PR for a new product is cool and don't begrudge them that. I still believe in the product and am looking forward to having it on my wrist. I do believe however that there is information out there that would appease people like me and (also) buy them a little time with their backers. I also believe that is our just due for getting on board early and supporting them in the process but that might be a subject for another day. Stopping now...


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    I don't think the person who manages twitter works directly with Pebble. He's just there so the company has a social media presence.
    They would be using their own communication people in support.
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    @RichardG Isn't there or shouldn't there be a diffference between support staff and communications staff? Is a socal media 'presence' more important than speaking to the people that laid $10m on you? If Twitter isn't an official communications platform for Pebble then where is it? And shouldn't that be an expectation given their funding especially given the way they overachieved that funding? I'd really like to know as that might be of significant value to a small, stressed team that is doing their best to fulfill lots of promises. I'd really like to know and it boggles my mind they aren't in the least bit forthcoming about this.

    Update 35 anyone?
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    Joe is pretty limited in what he's allowed to say, I imagine. He clearly isn't allowed to give out any information that hasn't already been given by Eric in another venue, so really, all he can do is post feel-good back pats, reiterations of previous statements, and redirects to support. It's a crap position to be in, and I don't envy him one bit. As ever, the fault in Pebble's communication strategy rests with one person alone.
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    Seems you've assumed that's his role, or do you have something that backs that? I always saw him as a mouthpiece, not an advisor.
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    Then unfollow us on twitter. Problem solved. Thread closed.
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