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I missed it, but my mom just said the Pebble was on CNN and that Eric was there "announcing the next version" and that it had a mic on it?!? I'm sure she misunderstood, but she insists that it was Eric announcing the next model they are releasing. Anybody else see the story and can clarify? Edit: found it and as I thought, she was confused. (This is a normal day with mom. Hahaha)
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    is it april 1st already?
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    so to clarify, it's the martian smartwatch they also talk about in the cnn video that has the microphone and has nothing to do with pebble.
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    see the first post in this thread. it's not a new version of the pebble that comes with a microphone but a completely independent kickstarter project named "martian" hence the clarification.
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    I'd like to think that Eric has heard of the Osborne Effect and would keep any future product plans under wraps until Pebble has saturated the market.
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