Car handsfree set + pebble = silence

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My car radio doubles as a bluetooth handsfree set, I connected my phone (Motorola Razr Maxx with ICS, Android 4.0.4) which worked great. I could accept/deny phone calls with my car radio. When I got my pebble this stopped working, I still get a message on the dashboard display that I have an incoming phone call and can accept it, but I can not hear the caller and the caller can not hear me. In the dashboard display I can see something about silence (I have not been able to read the whole message yet). When I turn the pebble off, the everything works as before.

I have tried to search both the internet and this forum about this issue, the only thing I can find is a bluetooth problem with iPhone that I do not think is related. Has anything else experienced this issue?

My car is a Peugeot 308 (2008) with stock car radio (does not know the vendor).


  • teddyteddy Posts: 4Member
    As I mentioned earlier, I know about this post, but I do not think it's related. I see this problem on a Android device, while the post you link to seems to be an isolated iPhone problem. In my case there is not an issue about good vs bad sound quality, but sound or not sound at all.
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    Nope, no headset at the left of the pebble bluetooth device on my phone.

    When I click on the gear i can rename the the device and unpair.

    My car radio shows up as headset as expected, to me it seems like my phone is correctly configured. I will try to get the full message from my dash board display to see if it is any help.

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    I just got my pebble. I have an Iphone 4 and now when I get in my truck and receive a call the Uconnect (hands free in dodge) will show connected but sound only comes thru the iphone. this is very annoying as I can't use the pebble and my Handsfree in car speaker. Any one find a solution. 
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    I have the same issue to some degree with my Galaxy Note 2. With my pebble connected to the phone, whenever I connect to the car bluetooth, my calls drop. This does not happen if I disconnect the pebble from the handset.

    I can live with all the other issues for the time being, but this one has to be fixed.
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    I'm having a similar issue.  With my phone (Galaxy S3) connected to both my Pebble and BlueAnt S4 bluetooth speaker, it seems that a call is initially fine then after a minute or so I no longer hear the call through the speaker.  My phone says the call is connected (so does my Pebble, for that matter).

    If I turn the BT off on the Pebble, the call is fine for the duration.

    A little annoying and a little dangerous since I'm fiddling with my watch while driving...
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    whacko said:

    1. Click on the gear (settings) icon next to the name of your headset.
    2. Check the box labeled "Call Audio - use for phone audio."
    3. Optionally Check the box labeled "Media Audio - use for media audio"

    This should force your phone to send all call (and music) audio through the selected bluetooth device.

    I could've sworn I had done this...  When I connected and went to BT settings, both boxes were checked.  I unchecked the "Media Audio".  The two tests I had so far seemed to work fine.  Hopefully, no more issues moving forward.

    Thanks @whacko for the checklist - it was good to confirm my settings.
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    So I think I'm an idiot....
    I thought I was having issues with Pebble plus my BT speaker, but I think it is just the BT speaker.  After checking my BT settings, the speaker worked for a day, then it did the same thing again.  I turned the BT off on the Pebble, but the speaker went silent on the call again!

    I switched to a BT headset (Motorola H300) and had no problems - not even with the Pebble connected.
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  • bbk3ebbk3e Posts: 169Member
    Update for me:
    I don't know what the solution is, but I still seem to have the problem.  What I've used the most is my BT speaker (BluAnt S4).  If the Pebble is connected and I am on the phone, at some (random) point during the call, there will be silence.  The caller is still there - they just can't hear me and I can't hear them.  I have figured out that if I turn off the bluetooth headset on my phone (Galaxy S3) and turn it back on, the BT speaker works again as normal.

    Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.2); Black Pebble - KS Backer
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    Had this recently to, oddly the Pebble was not switched on or connected, sure the Pebble App was running though. So I have all the same symptoms but Pebble was actually turned off. The phone is an HTC One S.
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    Does this need to be split into Android/iOS issues/solutions?

    I'm having this issue too with my iPhone & Chevy Volt Bluetooth systems.

    If I make an outgoing call, my iPhone automatically connects to the Volt system.
    If I get an incoming call, I get the Caller ID alert on the Pebble, and the Volt display "sees" the call, but I have to manually change the Bluetooth phone device from Pebble to Volt before I can speak/hear the call.  
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    Yes the iOS issues are well described on many other threads on this forum, the Android issue seems to be completely different.
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    found it...
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