Button not working - no response from Pebble in 3+ weeks

FilipFilip Posts: 3Member Pebbler
The bottom right button on my Pebble watch has not worked since I received it.  Well, if I push really hard, it may be recognized by the watch about 20% of the time. That certainly meets my definition of not working.

I contacted Pebble about the issue on 3/7 (over 3 weeks ago).  I received an immediate automated response which told me to check the help/support documentation.  I replied that after thoroughly reviewing it, my issue was not resolved.  I have not heard from Pebble since their original automated response.

I've seen many comments that re-emailing only slows down the response.  Any recommendations on the best way to reach Pebble in order to receive a watch that works properly?

Thanks everyone.


  • jaydotjaydot Posts: 115Member
    i'm sorry to say they are very slow. waited two weeks for an answer from support and now already one and a half week for a rma which was promised to me (shutdown bug, dead pebble after 12 hours). 
  • FilipFilip Posts: 3Member Pebbler
    Thanks jaydot.

    At least you got a response after 2 weeks.  Good luck with your RMA.

  • SaeranSaeran Posts: 421Member Pebbler
    Try sending them a tweet on Twitter.  They usually reply within a couple of days over there.
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  • JasonAshmoreJasonAshmore Posts: 2Member
    Well one of my buttons just flat fell off the first day I had it and I'm over two weeks with no response and closing in on three. I'm disappointed in this lack of customer service to say the least.I tried twitter and got a few responses back but no action... It would be nice to get something other than an auto reply about a problem after waiting nearly a year for the watch.
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