Samsung Galaxy SIII - Keyboard Issue

PaulJamesGeePaulJamesGee Posts: 2Member
Pebble app seems to disable Continuous Input for my keyboard while messaging etc.

Appears to be related to other issues involving samsung's Accessability options, since when I disable pebble app in there, My keyboard returns to normal (but then I don't receive any notifications on my pebble).

Any ideas/workarounds?


  • PaulJamesGeePaulJamesGee Posts: 2Member
    Cheers Whacko. Fiddling with the setting resulted in no change at all. Will have to look into alternative launchers until Samsung get their stuff sorted.
  • NickyPrechtNickyPrecht Posts: 1Member
    edited April 2013
    I have exactly the same issue with the same phone - can't use the built-in Continuous Input on my S3, when Pebble is activated. That's stupid!
    Samsung screwed up on this one and it ought to be an easy fix...
    I'm already using a different launcher, but the text input is still Samsung...
    Go and install Swype instead, as it seems Samsung won't fix this for a while (based on how long it has already taken them)
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  • gooberygoobery Posts: 1Member
    Has there been a resolution for this. I love the built in swype feature in my S3, once I activate pebble it stops working. I don't want to have to buy it from the play store when it comes free with the device.
  • PavelGarashchenkoPavelGarashchenko Posts: 1Member Pebbler
    Testerday I got my pebble. Paired with SGS3 and enabled accessibility service. Immediately my phone started to say "folder opened" "folder closed" and also continuous input option grayed out. 

    I do realize that it is not a bug of pebble, but touchwiz issue (talkback service in particular). And I found an option to stop the voice commenting my folder actions. But maybe somebody found a solution for continuous input issue?
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