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It shows the time, in 12h or 24h mode, as well as the day of the week, the date and the seconds. There are also some very cool animations that can be seen in this video.

Envisioned as a watchface by @Jnm ;who posted it in the "Watch-face ideas" thread in June of last year. Based on the display of the Freebox Revolution, which was designed by Philippe Starck.

The source code is available on GitHub, and the latest version can be downloaded at the following locations:
A version of Revolution that's compatible with the Pebble OS 2.0 beta is also available via GitHub.

Modified versions by other people:

I hope you'll like it as much as I do!
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  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
    Ha, I just noticed the month is off. Let me look into that.
  • EricEric Posts: 284Administrator
    This filehost seems to work more consistently: http://ge.tt/7yB3pzd/v/0?c

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  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
    @Eric Uploaded it there as well. Your link is already outdated though, so could you remove it from your post, or replace it with the new one? Oh and thanks for making this awesome watchface possible at all ;)
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    Thanks, Douwe. I'm running your watch face now!
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  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
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    Most of the credit should go to @Jnm, it was his idea!
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  • NicholasFranklinNicholasFranklin Posts: 3Member
    Would it be possible to make an American-ized version with the day and month switched? 

    Otherwise, great watchface, I'm definitely saving it.
  • erroristerrorist Posts: 16Member
    This is a beautiful watchface, thank you so much! I personally would have put a little gap between the day and date, but that is just me being picky.
  • KenNgKenNg Posts: 39Member
    This is beautiful :D
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    Great watchface. Also +1 for having Month/Day switched. And do you mind telling me the name of the font you used?
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  • MattiasElmMattiasElm Posts: 11Member
    My favorite design at the moment. Very clean and nice looking. Great work! 
  • cthoncticcthonctic Posts: 33Member
    This one is really cool. Choosing a favorite had become really hard since there are so many neat designs available now but I think this is the one I'll wear for now. :) 
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    Thanks for all the feedback!
    @errorist What do you mean exactly?
    @Nicholas I'll upload an American version later today.
    @HorrorStorm I'm not sure there is a font, I just used the images from @Jnm's HTML/JS demo, which were based on the Freebox Revolution.
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    Great watch face! My favorite. May we have one with inverted colors? 
  • polonium01polonium01 Posts: 38Member
    This has become my favourite
  • ChaseMastersChaseMasters Posts: 41Member
    Great watchface! I enjoy Big Time when I have an appointment to make (as it allows me to quickly glance down at my watch) but sometimes miss having the date available. This fixes that and adds cool animations. Thanks!
  • CaffeineJunkieCaffeineJunkie Posts: 2,265Moderator mod
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    Sorry you cant edit posts, but I've edited the original post to include the 1.2 links.

    (Love the watchface btw)

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  • astroMDastroMD Posts: 14Member
    I like this watch face! I updated mine to "American" but by the time I got libpebble to send it to my iPhone you had already updated it to 1.2. Thanks again!
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  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
    User hotdogs on the #pebble IRC channel mentions a bug where the watchface would crash when a new minute would begin within half a second of the watchface being launched. It's kind of an edge case, so I'll look into fixing it tomorrow. If anyone wants to take a crack at it today, be my guest, the source is available on GitHub.
  • SylarSylar Posts: 253Member
    Out of all the watch faces created so far this is my favorite. Great work!
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  • botoboto Posts: 34Member
    the best watch face till now
  • Michael PfaffMichael Pfaff Posts: 3Member Pebbler
    I know this is a stupid question, but is there a step by step process to download .pbw files to the watch? I downloaded it to my computer but not sure where to store it on my android phone so that the watch can find it.
  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
    @Michael If you open the Download link on your Android phone, it should launch the Pebble app and install the watchface on your watch automatically.
  • MikeBMikeB Posts: 11Member Pebbler
    I absolutely love the layout, but the font doesn't quite agree with me. Seems like the numbers are too square and don't have enough spacing between them. I think I prefer the font used in Big Time, though it's not quite as stylized. Of course, part of the issue is that my eyes are getting older, and I want to make sure I can read my watch without glasses.

    Would you like to play around a bit with some alternate fonts and see how they turn out? Maybe you can toss out a middle-aged geezer version. :)
  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
    @MikeB The explicit purpose of this watchface was to recreate that of the Freebox Revolution, which you can see here: http://www.free.fr/adsl/freebox-revolution.html. I think I've accomplished that quite nicely, so I won't be trying any other fonts. I might see if I can increase the spacing between the digits a bit, because I agree it's quite small at the moment, but I won't be making any drastic changes. But nothing is lost: The watchface is completely open source and the digits are just images, so you could replace them and build your own perfect watchface quite easily!
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