[Watch app] Pong Clone

JamesGrandpreJamesGrandpre Posts: 2Member
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Somebody had to do it... so here's Pong.

or short link: http://bit.ly/XANhDJ

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  • EdwinEdwin Posts: 596Moderator, PDR14 mod
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    Could you add a vibration (version)?

    Thanks, and also, great game.

    EDIT: Here is an icon since you seem to be missing one. http://i.imgur.com/YwvLG4F.png
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  • JamesPlummerJamesPlummer Posts: 32Member
    Good work!
  • dezign999dezign999 Posts: 469Member Regular
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    Edit. Installed fine.

    Noticed you can bug the opponent out if you let 10+ or so passed you. The other paddle with just continue progressing down to the bottom of the screen until its completely gone.

    Fun stuff, crazy when it speeds up.
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  • MikeWallachMikeWallach Posts: 19Member
    I love you. This is amazing.
  • ChaseMastersChaseMasters Posts: 41Member
    If you add vibration, please make it a separate version. IMO, vibration in apps is too loud and unnecessary.

    Great work! Thanks!
  • sisko7sisko7 Posts: 15Member
    You should play Pong with the accelerometer.
  • JohanMommensJohanMommens Posts: 74Member
    LOL love the game on the watch.  I second Chase's opinion - vibrations would be kinda distracting.

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  • ChaseMastersChaseMasters Posts: 41Member
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    Bug: If you let the ball go past your paddle for long enough, the computer's paddle will slowly slide down the screen until it completely disappears and does not return for a long time.
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  • Chibears85Chibears85 Posts: 136Member Pebbler
    If only I could have more then 8 apps/watchfaces OR delete preinstalled watches

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  • Chibears85Chibears85 Posts: 136Member Pebbler
    This froze my pebble and made all the buttons stop working.... I suggest you find a fix for this cause my pebble no longer works.

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  • RenatoBohlerRenatoBohler Posts: 47Member Pebbler
    Game play video please
  • JamesGrandpreJamesGrandpre Posts: 2Member
    Hey Chibears - Do you have any idea what may have happened (for example was the score particularly high or the ball moving particularly fast or anything like that)?

    The good news is that as long as your pebble is on, the battery will drain and it will restart after charging so you're pretty safe from being bricked.

  • NielsVleemingNielsVleeming Posts: 31Member
    This froze my pebble and made all the buttons stop working.... I suggest you find a fix for this cause my pebble no longer works.

    I've had my pebble frozen too (while I was testing my own app)

    If it's frozen in the app that made it crash (the app is still loaded) what worked for me was removing or reïnstalling that app from my phone. That triggers the pebble to kill the app, so you don't have to wait for the battery to run dry. Hope this helps.
  • s00500s00500 Posts: 7Member Pebbler
    Really Really Nice!!!
    Please port this to 2.0!!!

  • ProtonusProtonus Posts: 1,834Member Regular
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    s00500 said:
    Really Really Nice!!!
    Please port this to 2.0!!!

    @s00500 I don't think it's the same author as the one in the OP, but I saw this one today for SDK 2.0. http://www.mypebblefaces.com/apps/9204/7695/
    Looks even nicer, plays OK, but I'm getting a freeze and reboot when I hit BACK to close it.
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  • ColinMonsmaColinMonsma Posts: 18Member Pebbler
    you should invert the colors so the paddles and score are white on a black background to make it more authentic to the original arcade cabinet
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