Looks like the SDK can/will do a lot more than documented!

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Here's a list of the functions from the current SDK: http://definedcode.com:1337/sdk_functions.txt

Some interesting ones:

all the dict_* ones (possibly data storage?)
all the scroll_layer_* ones (can you create scroll layers with this SDK?)
app_message_* (unsure -- on a further look, it looks like maybe app->phone messages but i'm unsure)
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    Scroll layers are definitely usable. I used being briefly referenced in the documentation as suggestion that they're sufficiently intentional to use them in my stopwatch.

    It's all "at your own risk", of course.
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    The SDK can defenitly do more than documented. I've used some "undocumented" types and it's functions in my timer app but for those dict_* types or those AppMessage* types i've no clue how to use them and what are they good for. Time will tell. :-)

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