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    Does anyone have any idea when the FreeCaddie app will be available on Pebble?

    EDIT: 05/01/13 - Free Caddie for Android now works with Pebble.
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  • SaeranSaeran Posts: 421Member Pebbler
    I don't think anyone knows really at this point.  It was a promise and it doesn't look like they've backed down on it so it will come eventually.  Personally I'm waiting for Runkeeper support.
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  • JohnSellsJohnSells Posts: 48Member
    I was actually emailing the FreeCaddie team back and forth a couple of weeks ago and was told that their developer was working on Pebble support. They didnt give a timetable but at least they are working on it.
  • PeterKPeterK Posts: 28Member
    Indeed they are definitely working on it - I emailed them today about something unrelated but s I mentioned I was looking forward to Pebble support..they included this:

    "We are also in the thick of Pebble integration.  We just received new software from them, so hopefully there will be progress soon.  The Android version is first but iPhone is next in line for Pebble integration and if things go well we might have both Pebble and Google Maps in the next iPhone release."

    I was asking about getting Google Maps integration back (as the apple maps are awful quality when zoomed in on golf courses!), so fingers crossed this is all in place for June/July when my Pebble is likely to arrive.
  • GDGD Posts: 72Member
    Anyone know if it's available or when it will be?  It's golf season and I would really love to use it on the course.
  • MichaelNewmanMichaelNewman Posts: 3Member
    Playing from the championship tee boxes... Nice.
  • BradMurrayBradMurray Posts: 2Administrator admin
    Playing from the championship tee boxes... Nice.
    All the way back at a terrifying 290 yards :)

    This is back in Waterloo, and I just stopped by on the way back from the range to get this picture. Haven't got to try it out for real yet, since as you can see the conditions aren't great.
  • TomKlevenTomKleven Posts: 45Member
    Awesome! FreeCaddie and Runkeeper just in time (hopefully) for summer activities in Seattle.
  • Update on the timeline for the golf app?
  • JohnSellsJohnSells Posts: 48Member
    Its in the hand of the developers, FreeCaddie. Check their website and email them.
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    Joseph said:
    I wish I liked golf, this would be a fun one to have joined in on.
    Do what I use to do go drive the boss around and make an excuse for a nice relaxing day on a golf cart not in the office. Sadly seldom happens lately. :(
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  • JonTallisJonTallis Posts: 5Member
    The Freecaddie android app is available in the play store, free version at the moment.

    Here is what George emailed me

    On the Android front, I have big news:  Dave actually pushed the app to Google Play this afternoon, so the Pebble-compatible free version of FreeCaddie has just been released:

    So you can now try the app with your Pebble.  Here is the basic process to follow:

    1) Get your Pebble watch.

    2) Install the Pebble app on your Android phone.

    3) Run the Pebble app, connect to watch, do any upgrades that the app suggests/requests (you may need to select 'Check for FW Update' from the menu).  I think the required watch firmware for FreeCaddie support is 1.10 and later.

    4) Install and run new version 3.0.0 of FreeCaddie.

    5) Under FreeCaddie settings check "Enable Pebble Support" box.

    6) FreeCaddie app on the Pebble  should appear.

  • GDGD Posts: 72Member
    Is it available for iOS yet?
  • JosephJoseph Posts: 568Administrator admin
    Not for iOS yet.

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  • JohnSellsJohnSells Posts: 48Member
    I can not wait until June to upgrade my phone and switch back to Android. They get all the good stuff. lol.This app is one of the main reasons I backed Pebble. As soon as I get my watch and FreeCaddie is on iOS, I will be on the golf course. The anticipation is killing me.
  • GDGD Posts: 72Member
    John, I agree with you regarding FreeCaddie - not switching to Andriod ;)  I'm playing Sunday and of course, can't use the app/watch.

    Does anyone know of an ETA as to when FreeCaddie will be live for iOS?
  • edaltunedaltun Posts: 8Member
    Has anyone used the Freecaddie app connected to the pebble yet? I'd be interested to know how well it works.
  • StubbsStubbs Posts: 5Member
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    I set it up on mine.  It works great.  I like that you can switch holes with the up down butons on the pebble.  Now if only they could get it to keep score too!
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  • ashleyashley Posts: 1Member
    Used it yesterday - simply amazing!

    Worked Flawlessly
    My golfing buddies were in awe!

  • edaltunedaltun Posts: 8Member
    Very excited to try it out along with runkeeper. Great to hear good reports! Now if only my pebble would ship!
  • GDGD Posts: 72Member
    If only FreeCaddie would work on iOS :(
  • TomKlevenTomKleven Posts: 45Member
    I love it! Just downloaded, works seamlessly, and easily. Now, my house is 10,000 yards away from the par 4 first hole, but that's beside the point.
  • AbrunoAbruno Posts: 2Member
    GD said:
    If only FreeCaddie would work on iOS :(

    Just received this direct from freecaddie. We continue to work on the Pebble compatible version of the app for iOS but we don't have a firm release date yet. It should be in the next few weeks but might be earlier or later than that, depending on the maturity of the iOS support on the Pebble :( Anyone know an inside man?
  • GDGD Posts: 72Member
    Thanks Abruno - at least that gives me something to look forward to.
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    Golf: a great way to ruin a nice walk! :-P
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  • GDGD Posts: 72Member
    Those who have used FreeCaddie on Andriod, are you using the Free app or the Paid app?  Anyone know if there's a difference as it relates to Pebble (e.g.: more info on the Pebble using the Paid app)?
  • neumanntmneumanntm Posts: 65Member
    I have the free version and it works perfectly with my pebble. Don't really know the difference between the paid version and the free, though. 
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