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Hey Guys,

I am not sure if the feature exists for iOS users but I want to get email notifications on my pebble. I have set up the notifications like my messages/texts but i still don't get a notification when I get new mail.

I thought I was supposed to be able to get these notification but it appears not to be working. 
Can someone else please confirm whether I am right to think email notifications aren't compatible with iOS?

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  • orviwanorviwan Posts: 2,909Member, Administrator admin
    Hi Ritesh, try here As an alternative, If you can, use SMS notifications from for email notifications.

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    Are you jailbroken? Btnotificationenabler has meant I get full everything directly from iPhone, email and all app notifications included.
  • DatalinkDatalink Posts: 61Member
    After pairing you currently need to go into settings -> notifications and toggle notification centre off and on to get notification going each time the pebble looses its connection.
  • Ritesh_PatelRitesh_Patel Posts: 4Member
    @Datalink Apparently you can't. That what it says on the help page (link in the 2nd comment)

    And sadly I am not jailbroken. Had to replace by phone sadly! I really hope a new JB is out soon but that unlikely.
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    Ritesh, the help page only says that email notifications are not consistently displayed. 
    That's the whole point of re-enabling the notification as Datalink described. 
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    Oh right.... well sorry for that mistake. 

    Strangely, I have been doing that but it didn't work. Guess I can try again and see how it goes.
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  • Ritesh_PatelRitesh_Patel Posts: 4Member
    iPhone 5. I at first tried those step above and it didn't work with test emails I sent but I then restored my iPhone and all of sudden it did work. Don't know why but at least it's working now
  • DatalinkDatalink Posts: 61Member
    Basically every time you get the notice asking to allow pebble to connect to the phone you will have to go re-toggle the Notification Center switch for each notification you want to come through.. It is considered a bug however it is not clear if it is something on Pebbles side or Apple.
  • CaffeineJunkieCaffeineJunkie Posts: 2,265Moderator mod
    @Datalink The Metawatch has exactly the same problem so I'm guessing it's a bug in iOS with how they implemented MAP.
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  • DatalinkDatalink Posts: 61Member
    Good to know, also means it is possible it it will never get fixed in iOS devices.
  • EricVosEricVos Posts: 5Member
    I updated the pebble and my iPhone 5 has the latest updates. First, I didn't even worry about the "email notifications" set up on the Pebble App. The one where you hit the cloud and can add/delete email accts. Frankly, it didn't do anything for me. Plus, you had to figure out the "host name" and that meant figuring out more than I had time for. This is how I fixed the problem and it has been mentioned above and in less detail. 1. Go to your iphone settings and delete a mail acct. I had three accts listed and just deleted one and reinstalled and was fine for all three accts. Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>chose acct. (mine was hotmail)>delete account. 2. Now you have, or should, add the account back. Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account (mine was hotmail) 3. You have to make sure the notifications for the NEW account are set up. Settings>notifications>mail>select the newly re-installed account(mine was hotmail)>make sure the notifications is on and it can be viewed in Lock Screen. You will also want to set up the sound and vibration in a manner you like. I have toyed with the phone, watch settings, etc. over and over and this worked. It quits out on you at one point or another but I just reset the one acct and it is working again. Not fun but a easy fix.
  • tim565tim565 Posts: 72Member
    You could just update to ios 7:
    1. Pair pebble
    2. Delete the pebble app
    3. go into notifications and do the flip on show in lockscreen on your email app to get notifications(works on any app but needs to be done every time you disconnect)
  • AFormerForumMemberAFormerForumMember Posts: 352Member
    Which is the same as ios6

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