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I received my pebble on Saturday and updated the latest firmware and downloaded the latest version of Runkeeper. Both the watch and Runkeeper app see each other and pressing "start activity" pushes the watch into displaying the pace information ( 90% of the time).

However, even though I am having a successful pairing, the watch fails to display active data and seems to freeze after a few minutes. Nothing sets it going again, so I end up backing up through the menu system to the watch face. I've have tried this around 7 times over the weekend, running, walking etc pulls up the same issue?

The phone is attached to the same arm as the watch so only about 12 inches away.


  • StustaffStustaff Posts: 40Member
    Hmm no 'known' issues that I'm aware of and mine is fine. Have you tried a reinstall of runkeeper and forgetting the phone and watch bluetoothto connections on each device and starting with a new connection? I know my advise is turn it off and back on again but worth a try if you haven't done it yet.
  • DeweyDewey Posts: 12Member
    (** I have an iPhone btw **)

    I had the same issue and filed a ticket with Runkeeper. They replied telling me that while they don't have knowledge of such bugs, they'll keep an eye out. I think it'd be nice if you could file a ticket to let them know as well.

    I found a 'workaround' that seemed to work for me so far.

    1. Make sure you keep Runkeeper running in the foreground. Somehow keeping Runkeeper in the background while the screen is locked may be doing something to the connection - not sure why or if this is the case, but it's worked for me so far.

    2. If you need to head indoors where you can't get GPS for longer than a couple minutes, pause or better yet, just stop the exercise. I've had mixed results with this one. I've had situations where my Pebble was able to re-establish connection after extended paused indoor sessions, and where either the Pebbled showed 0:00 or just a frozen screen.

    I've done the two steps above and I have yet to have a single freezing or hiccup so far. The workaround is counterintuitive, yes, but deviation away from those two have resulted in either freezing or resetting of the Runkeeper app on my Pebble.

    Good luck!

    *P.S. Even after the Pebble freezes, Runkeeper app on my iPhone continues to run just fine. I've had cases where I didn't want to pause/stop an exercise just for the Pebble so just finished the session without.
  • PaulHammondPaulHammond Posts: 2Member
    @Dewey - Sorry, yes I also have an iPhone running iOS.6. Yes it seems to freeze as my phone hits sleep mode. Although I haven't looked, it would be good to follow nike +'s lock screen selection so that you know that nothings going to "pause" your workout. 

    I will raise a ticket with Runkeeper as suggested so at least its a minority of two..

    I'll post back with the workaround suggestion to let you know if it works or not. I also have let the app continue so I at least log the run on my iphone. Which has meant a rather disappointed feeling as I've bumped nike + for the pebble and Runkeeper.

    @Stustaff - I've had to do the above on a couple of occasions as the watch loses connection with the phone after it "pauses" the information from the app. This has meant that I've had to "forget device" then reconnect it all again!
  • NickChamberlainNickChamberlain Posts: 5Member Pebbler
    How much time do you experiences before the freeze?

    In my run yesterday the Pebble stopped counting around 17-18 minutes.  Opening RunKeeper showed that the activity wasn't running either. I then tested it again on the way to work and on my way back home again, both times same thing before 20 minutes of activity. (iPhone 4, iOS 6)

    During the run, RunKeeper was in the foreground, screen locked. While testing it driving, it was in the background, screen locked. I did a reboot of the watch a few hours before the drive home.

    If it was just the Pebble stopping working it would be annoying but livable until they find a fix, but it's also stopping the activity. How do you file a bug report/ticket thing with RunKeeper? 
  • bubbazanettibubbazanetti Posts: 13Member
    I just used the most recent Runkeeper on iPhone 4S (not jail broken) I did a two hour walk, with music playing, the App gently lowered the music audio and softly ready pace every 5 minutes. The watch display matched the audio cues for the entire time.

    Worked exactly how I hoped it would...I haven't tried the heart rate monitor function.
  • DeweyDewey Posts: 12Member
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    How do you file a bug report/ticket thing with RunKeeper? 
    @NickChamberlain I submitted a couple more updates to my existing ticket with Runkeeper just now. You could file your ticket with them at
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  • silentksilentk Posts: 4Member
    I've had the same issue, it's not been very reliable when starting the activity. So sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't start on the watch, and a couple of times it's started ok and then frozen on the watch.
  • Dan07Dan07 Posts: 64Member Pebbler
    On starting Runkeeper I sometimes get this message on my Samsung S3 phone ---

    "GPS accuracy is poor in your current location ----- You can continue, but your activity may not be accurate (my italics)

    So could poor GPS be one cause of the various problems noted on this forum ?
  • Downloaded the new iPhone version of Runkeeper today, since then I don't see Runkeeper anymore on the Pebble. Did recreate bluetooth connections, updated Pebble App, and everything else is up to date as well. Before the thing was bugy but it worked, now Runkeeper on Pebble is all gone. Btw, I see the Pebble icon on the iPhone App. Do I miss something of where to find it on Pebble, changes, anything? Thanks for suggetions, Martin.
  • sisko7sisko7 Posts: 2Member
    I have the same problem, I have managed to get the app to work for only 11 minutes or so and then it suddenly frizzed. I kept on running the display just refreshed around 18th minute and froze again. I had 7~8 running sessions and no luck with the Pebble.
    I have iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1.2 with a jailbreak. Also I have installed BTNotificationEnabler from Cydia, so I'm guessing BTNotif. might be causing some problems. Everything else works GREAT :)
  • DeweyDewey Posts: 12Member
    sisko7 said:
    so I'm guessing BTNotif. might be causing some problems. Everything else works GREAT :)
    @sisko7 I'm on iPhone 5, 6.1.2, jailbroken, and with BTNnotif as well. As long as I keep Runkeeper in the foreground before locking the screen, I really haven't had any issues so far. :-\
  • AustinBarnesAustinBarnes Posts: 43Member Regular
    I'm on iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.2 jailbroken with BTNotifier. Both Runkeeper and Pebble have performed perfectly. I didn't have to do any settings or anything different to what I was doing before. I wish I could help you guys but can only share my experience.
  • Michael NapierMichael Napier Posts: 43Member Pebbler
    I had the same problem, Pebble RK display was freezing after a while (somewhere around 22-25 minutes).  I ended up removing a few watch faces.  The thinking was that the watch might be running out of memory.  I've only tried it once since I did that but it did not freeze one time during the 40 minute walk.
    You might try that.
  • Oscar HierroOscar Hierro Posts: 16Member Pebbler
    Any comments on the Pebble's battery life when using Runkeeper? I had my Pebble dying after about 3 days having used it for 2 runs (80 mins of exercise in total), instead of the usual 5 days before Runkeeper, but I need to test more. I suspect my desktop computer's USB port was not charging the battery to its maximum...
  • thefoxinaterthefoxinater Posts: 21Member
    If I get any notifications coming through whilst out running, everything at first seems to be ok, I discard the notification (don't want to be messing with the phone whilst running) the RK comes back on but after a short while the pebble drops its connection with the phone and goes back to my watch face. 

    Anyone else had this? 

    I'm pretty sure it's that that's the problem, I have done quite a few runs where no notifications have come through and everything has worked perfectly. 

    It's done it a few times now, I had a call come through today whilst running and discarded it, it did it the other day too when a text came through whilst I was running. Thankfully the RK app kept going and saved my run data.

    I use phone and pebble as mentioned below and whilst running Polar H7 heart rate monitor.
    iPhone 5 - 6.1.4, Black Kickstarter Pebble - 1.11.0, iMac    RunKeeper - 3.3.1 & Polar HRM H7
  • JonahLeeWalkerJonahLeeWalker Posts: 8Member
    Hmm, I seem to be having the same or a similar issue, where the watch freezes and the app keeps going. I tried to see if it was the phone autolocking, and turned off autolocking, but my pebb;e locked up on about 6 and a half minutes anyway! So it obviously isn't the autolocking as my phone was still going and hadn't locked or been locked.
  • HaruoNakayamaHaruoNakayama Posts: 2Member
    I'm guessing that iPhone models other than 4S and 5 have some kind of performance issue when using Runkeeper and Pebble together. Yesterday, my 3-hour running activity went fine with Runkeeper/Pebble once I killed all apps in background, turned off notification, and had Runkeeper run in foreground.

    And since my fully charged pebble showed "low battery" sign after that activity, It probably is draining a lot of battery when pebble is paired with Runkeeper.

    iPhone 4(iOS 6.1.3), Runkeeper 3.3.1, Pebble(1.10.2)
  • thefoxinaterthefoxinater Posts: 21Member
    I think thats what I will do from now in the future, turn everything else off except RunKeeper when out training, until these issues are recognised and dealt with.
    iPhone 5 - 6.1.4, Black Kickstarter Pebble - 1.11.0, iMac    RunKeeper - 3.3.1 & Polar HRM H7
  • AustinBarnesAustinBarnes Posts: 43Member Regular
    I'm probably showing my stupidity but I thought you HAD to have Runkeeper running in the foreground for it to work anyway. I always start an activity and then turn the screen off and run. What else do you need to be running for Runkeeper to not be in the foreground? I don't use a heart rate monitor and just have Runkeeper play a playlist so my question is genuine and not an attack on anybody.
  • thefoxinaterthefoxinater Posts: 21Member
    No you're quite right Austin, I do exactly as you do, but with a heart rate monitor.

    The problem I have been getting is if notifications comes through like say a text or a call whilst I'm running, after I discard it, the run keeper screen re-appears on the watch. But then after a while it either freezes or drops the connection completely and goes back to my watch face.

    Whenever I have done a run and no notifications come through it's always worked fine, just whenever notifications come through it seems to mess it up.
    iPhone 5 - 6.1.4, Black Kickstarter Pebble - 1.11.0, iMac    RunKeeper - 3.3.1 & Polar HRM H7
  • AustinBarnesAustinBarnes Posts: 43Member Regular
    I must just be very lucky as I've had a couple of emails come through and just pressed the back button and all's been well. I've probably just gone and jinxed it now haven't I? I hope you guys get some answers soon though so you can enjoy/endure a problem-free run.
  • thefoxinaterthefoxinater Posts: 21Member
    Again thats exactly what I do, I just press the back button or the X (bottom right button) to discard a call and everything seems to be ok, but then normally after a short while it f**ks up. Only does it when I have notifications, so I'm pretty sure its something to do with that, some sort of stability issue. 

    It's not the end of the world cos the RunKeeper app keeps going ok and save all my run data.

    I'm sure if yours has been working ok it will be fine, quick touch some wood! 
    iPhone 5 - 6.1.4, Black Kickstarter Pebble - 1.11.0, iMac    RunKeeper - 3.3.1 & Polar HRM H7
  • HaruoNakayamaHaruoNakayama Posts: 2Member
    @Austin_Barnes Sometimes I use podcatcher (like instacast) playing podcast while running. Besides that, I never had problems having Runkeeper running in background before pebble came in.

    Anyway, thanks for comment. I'm glad there are many pebble owners out there enjoying Runkeeper integration, just like me :)
  • HansStolkHansStolk Posts: 1Member
    I have the same problem. I just won't get fixed! Even though I have the newest Runkeeper & Pebble Firmware.
    IPhone 4, ios 6.3

    Is it an iPhone 4 problem???
  • thefoxinaterthefoxinater Posts: 21Member
    Watch screen froze again today! :(
    iPhone 5 - 6.1.4, Black Kickstarter Pebble - 1.11.0, iMac    RunKeeper - 3.3.1 & Polar HRM H7
  • TorgeirBullTorgeirBull Posts: 4Member Pebbler
    Could be a iPhone 4 issue. I too have iPhone 4, and experiensing exactly the same problem with the freezing and RK stopping the actvity. Incredible frustrating! Anyone know if there is a way to fix this?
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