Best Gadget Purchased?

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What's the best gadget you've ever purchased? What's the one thing that you use frequently and you think to yourself, "Aw yeah! Love this thing!"

I love Google TV. It's great to be able to search for programming that includes YouTube and such. Also like the integrated web browser. My wife and I are always looking up information as we come across topics of interest while watching TV. We also use it as a menu when ordering take-out...

How 'bout you?
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  • HellRa1SeRHellRa1SeR Posts: 11Member
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    My Android phone, or particularly Samsung galaxy S2 (I had a few other droids before).

    Productivity has increased so much with my smartphone that I no longer can live without it.
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    12 years ago: my Newton MessagePad 2000
    (Yeah, I'm old-OLD-school! ;)
    Basically the same reason as HellRa1SeR above-was the first time I'd been able to carry my key data and entertainment with me (I'm an avid book reader) -and be able to lookup, modify and interact on the road with others (cellular modems were once a really cool thing ).
    Used it for 5 years before other tech started catching up.
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  • neocasterneocaster Posts: 55Member
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    First Blackberry (a Pearl 8100.)

    I had smart phones previously. I had a Pocket PC (windows embedded) phone (Essentially a Compaq iPaq with a mobile baseband) with so terrible a battery life that it got about 4 hours on standby if the baseband was turned on. I had to keep it charging at home, at the office, and in the car. I never quite bonded with it.

    Then I got the Blackberry. It was terrible, and not much better to type on than a traditional 9-key pad (each key shared 2 characters and the software tried to guess which one you meant to press as you progressed through your word.)

    BUT It changed how I manage my time and tasks entirely, could play games and navigate (Bluetooth GPS, none onboard.)

    I went through 2 other Blackberrys before I got my first iPhone but none have changed my life more than that first Blackberry.
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    The best smartwatch than I see.

    Android system and color screen. Built in essential app like Stopwatch, Timer, calendar, alarm, weather. Sync with wifi so it works also without connected all time at phone. Touch screen, no buttons.

    Many insteressting App like calculator, convert unit, Task sync with Astrid, note, reminder.....

    Real SDK and perfect watch simulator include

    At this time stopped in Preview developpement Kit....

    I wear it for almost a year and everything is perfect. Everything is extremely well thought out.

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  • jitmonleejitmonlee Posts: 21Member
    Never been more pleased with a gadget than I have with my iPad (3rd Gen). It was literally an impulse buy, My friend was getting one and I went along with him. As we got to the store, I just bought it, without thinking! Absolutely love it! As soon as the next gen one comes out, i'll be upgrading, (hoping to get Wi-Fi only with 128gb so I can store a load of films and shows!). 
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    My GNex. I had other Android phones, tablets, ipad 3, google tv, Roku, blackberries, windows phones, and palm, but my Galaxy Nexus (gsm), is my favorite and most useful gadget. Every time I look at it I still think, "I love this phone". I'm sure the Nexus 4 is even better, but I love my GNex so much I never felt the need to upgrade.
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  • LarryRusslinLarryRusslin Posts: 118Member Regular

    My first "Uniden Cordless Phone". How great to be able to answer and make calls from any room in the house. Wow ! 

    Oh, I forgot, my first remote controlled Panasonic TV. I didn't have to get up to spin the knob on the damn thing. 

    One of these two. 
  • Dillinger63Dillinger63 Posts: 128Member Pebbler
    Another vote for my iPad 3 64 gig.
  • AlexJacobsAlexJacobs Posts: 19Member
    My casio MP3 watch i got in 2000, I loved this thing I used it for about 2 years.  It had 32gb of memory so I would encode at 80kbs joint stereo and would just about get an album on there which would last me for one gym session.

    So many people would ask me about it.  It rocked!

    Then my Sony C-series 850mhz 387mb ram...  9 inch ultra wide screen a netbook before netbooks used that for 5 years before anyone else came out with anything close.

  • SylarSylar Posts: 253Member
    The first iPhone and the first ipad. Before Samsung and HTC and android joined the game.
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  • JohnDawsonJohnDawson Posts: 20Member
    TiVo + TiVo Stream + iPad let's me download whatever I recorded on the TiVo to my iPad so I can watch whatever while I am on the treadmill or exercycle.
  • SandbagSandbag Posts: 231Member Regular
    If I was told I had to get rid of all my gadgets but one, I'd keep my iPad3. That's including my computer.
  • SaeranSaeran Posts: 421Member Pebbler
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    It's hard to think of one.  I'll do one for every few years.
    My Late 2007 Macbook Pro.  My first laptop, used for 5 years and was amazing in it's earlier ones.
    iPod Touch (4th Gen) 2010.  My first portable device, changing the time I spent at my (now starting to get old) Macbook Pro.  My android phone that I use now does not make this list.
    My Current PC.  My PC which I built.  My Hackintosh featuring a Asus P8Z77-V Pro Mobo, 3570K, Corsair 650D, Intel 330 Series 120GB SSD, Seagate 1TB Barcuda, WD Green 1TB, Random Laptop Drive, Corsair HX750, No GPU yet.  Having two 1080p displays was what changed things for me.
    Pebble still hasn't changed things enough to make this list.
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  • pneumericpneumeric Posts: 30Member
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    I have a few gadgets I love but the one that puts a smile on my face every time I use it, is my coffee machine!
    50+ years old and still making spectacular espresso!

    Version 1 Arrarex caravel if anyone was interested
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  • DavidTelescaDavidTelesca Posts: 75Member Pebbler
    I think my original Treo was the most amazing, as it started my down the smartphone road.
  • JoerkKruegerJoerkKrueger Posts: 2Member Pebbler
    Zx Sinclair spectrum 64 kbyte, yeah, I know, thats ages ago, but i could peek and poke.... And have hewbrew letters back in 1981 on my screen
  • CaffeineJunkieCaffeineJunkie Posts: 2,265Moderator mod
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    Zx Sinclair spectrum 64 kbyte, yeah, I know, thats ages ago, but i could peek and poke.... And have hewbrew letters back in 1981 on my screen
    [Pedant alert] ZX Spectrum was originally available in 16 or 48KB, with a 128KB version later. [Pedant alert]

    I cut my teeth on that as well. 
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  • hcdavis3hcdavis3 Posts: 21Member
    My new Yamaha AV Receiver (RX A 2020) and my late 2012 iMac
  • ymilordymilord Posts: 27Member
    Seriously, I'd have to say my MBA (Macbook Air) I got the 11" model /w the upgraded SSD from OCZ (480GB). This puppy flies. Its slightly bigger then the fill size iPad. The runner up would be the iPad Mini (/w LTE). I have this cable from Redpark that adds serial capabilities. Teamed up with a app called "Console". I also use an app called "Prompt" which gives me SSH. The beauty is they both support dropbox. So I can create a config file for something like a Cisco 1142n on my desktop, script it out. The walk over to the WAP, plug in the rollover cable and bam. Out of box to fully configured. This also works on HP Procurve switches. (or anything that uses the cisco style rollovers) This includes the RJ45 to Serial dongle too.
  • kertongkertong Posts: 1Member
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    I started as a pimply teenager on the road to gadgetwhoring with my beloved HP48GX.  It's a tie between that or the US Robotics palm pilot 5000.

    Ahhh, how far we have come..
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    Zx Sinclair spectrum 64 kbyte, yeah, I know, thats ages ago, but i could peek and poke.... And have hewbrew letters back in 1981 on my screen
    Yep! But very bad keyboard also - C64 was better ;)

    ...and for new things Dual-SIM noname droid

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    You are all babies.

    I remember, very clearly, my first TI calculator, circa 1977.  Which we were not allowed to use during exams.

    Currently, my daughter has a graphing calculator that I don't even know how to turn on, much less use, and it is, of course, required to be with her at all times.

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    Ctx virtual technologies vk200 keyfob. Look it up
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  • Suzanne SchillerSuzanne Schiller Posts: 1,899Moderator mod
    @eyeis -- I've seen articles on this -- does it really work as well as it says?

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    @SuzanneSchiller it works really well. It is a different style of typing so It takes a few days to get used to but I can type as well as a normal touch keyboard and close to the level of typing on a physical keyboard. Not many people have heard of ctx technologies. They have some pretty cool stuff in development. I bought a bunch of shares of their stock for like $1.50 each. I think it has the potential to grow into a larger corporation. I have a review on youtube of it. The only review of it on youtube (as of today). Mine is serial number 4 so I'm guessing its only the 4th one they have sold? Could potentially become valuable if laser keyboards start to appeal to average consumers. Overall I highly recommend it. If you use it in public, everyone around you is like "WOW!!"
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  • iball2929iball2929 Posts: 6Member
    My Apple TV v2 which I instantly hacked so it would stream videos from my 3TB RAID-1 NAS.  I use it every day when I'm at home after work.
    After that would have to be my .22 LR silencer for one of my pistols and rifles.  It's fun to be able to target shoot without needing hearing protection.
    Then my iPad mini and iPhone 4s.
  • eyeiseyeis Posts: 487Member Regular
    I love this discussion! I think I have to change mine. Now I would say that my best gadget is my pivothead durango video recording glasses. Full 1080p, 8mp photos, its like I have an iPhone glued on to my forehead! 
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  • JasonGaulJasonGaul Posts: 114Member Pebbler
    Not really a gadget but my Milton Bradley Vectrex as a child. Those beautiful vector graphics. Not a pixel in sight!
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