Pressing and holding middle button triggers reboot

jlaitjlait Posts: 56Member
I believe this is the fail-safe reboot code, but if you press and hold the middle button for about 15 seconds the watch reboots.

I found this out the hard way.  My game, watch rogue, turned on button repeat so you could go for long walks by just holding down a button.  This means, however, that if you go for too long a walk, the watch will unceremoniously reboot making it look like my game died.

1) Does this mean we shouldn't use key repeat on SELECT?  Because if you do, it is only a matter of time until someone hits this in your app.
2) Can pebble change the reboot sequence to something a bit more complicated?  Like holding more than one button down for 15 seconds?  My vote would be something involving the BACK button as that is already pseudo reserved: BACK + SELECT for 15 seconds seems unlikely to be accidental.


  • jlaitjlait Posts: 56Member
    Pressing and holding back/middle would also be pretty simple.

    The problem is that the click handlers are already set up with Auto Repeat functionality.  It seems very dangerous to have this sort of pit trap set out for apps.  It means we really can't use the repeat functionality on the middle button!

    I was considering that holding back button alone would be a better reboot as it is already the "get out of problems" button, but it is useful to use it to keep the backlight active when on watchfaces.

    I am most definitely not advocating allowing apps to override the reboot capability!  I am instead advocating the reboot procedure be moved to something less likely to be triggered by legitimate user interfaces.
  • Martin_NorlandMartin_Norland Posts: 856Member, PDR14 Regular
    I would agree that this functionality seems more appropriate on the back button - I can't see any realistic reason to hold the back button for 10 seconds, and apps already can't override the back button function (at least, I hope they can't!).

    I don't think back+select is a terribly complex sequence, but I can appreciate the desire to keep it super simple.

    [ speaking of - I'm going to post a thought I had that this just triggered, about the backlight and watchface vs. notifications, as apparently it's not been discussed ]
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  • PhilipPhilip Posts: 420Administrator admin
    Thanks for the suggestion and pointing out the issue around auto-repeat.

    We've created an internal ticket to consider this change.
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