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Just wanna share this with you guys. The Pebble app allows you to change your phone ringer modes (Normal, Vibrate, Silent). To install, just download the app from Play Store and install. From within the app, there's a button to install it to your watch.

Credits and big thanks to Katharine for her cloudpebble.net which makes development a whole lot easier! Cheers!

Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sg.ruqqq.pebbleprofileswitcher
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    I just tried rigth now, awesome app. Nice touch how it makes the default notification sound when you put on normal mode.

    Works on my Nexus 4 with Paranoid Android 3.5+
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    Awesome app!
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    My only suggestion would be to choose what each mode does in the Android App. 
  • FaruqRasidFaruqRasid Posts: 3Member

    Personally, I think such configuration shouldn't exist in this app. The function of the app is just to change Android's built in ringer mode. There is no configuration, just "switch-flips" to a function already existing in Androids.

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    Great app!
    Two suggeations:
    -can you trigger the pebble to return to the watchface screen automatically after a few seconds/minutes, just like the notifications do?
    -It would be awesome if you could optionally set a time period after which the silent / vibration mode switches back to normal mode on the phone automatically. Pretty much like Shush! on Android.
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    I was thinking how that Shush!-like functionality could be implemented. This seems a reasonable way:

    Opening the app gives you the three options as in the current version (normal, vibration only, silent)
    When pressing either vibration or silent you get a second screen with 3 predefined time intervals, which are configurable in the Android app (e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, 8 hours).
    If you DON'T press any button in the second screen within let's say a minute, then the selected mode (vibrate, silent) will be set indefinitely until you change mode again manually.
    If you DO press any of the 3 options, the selected mode (vibrate, silent) will be on for that specific period of time and after that period of time the phone will automatically return to normal mode.
    At any stage in the app, I would like to see it returns to the watchface screen after a certain timeout.

    Don't feel obliged to implement this, but I would really love this and even willing to pay for it. Too bad I'm not a programmer otherwise I would build it myself :)
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