[Watch face] Bitcoin Price Watchface |Modification of the Futura Weather App|

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It still needs a lot of polish. The price is rounded to the nearest integer. 

Uses httpebble for grabbing data. Sources from Mtgox API


Android users:
- Download and install 'httpebble' from Google Play:

iOS users:
- Open http://macbuildserver.com/try/ on your phone
- Paste the following link in the "GitHub repo" field: https://github.com/Katharine/httpebble-ios
- Click 'Next' until the build is done
- Install the app on your iPhone and run it
- The app connects to your Pebble and is able to send weather notifications to this watchface

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  • StigyStigy Posts: 245Member Regular
    Would you mind putting the source into Github?

    Just curious to see the difference between displaying a weather image vs text? Thanks!

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  • NiknamNiknam Posts: 156Member Regular
    By the way, you might want to either erase that last step in the iOS instructions or provide the link to the comments that are referred to in that step. ;)
  • JTGreenoJTGreeno Posts: 38Member
    Cool!...  How about a currency symbol to confirm Dollars, Euros, or whatever...?
  • HamburgerHamburger Posts: 1Member
    hey, cool watchface! very very handy, thank you :-)

    randomly though, it will stop displaying any price on the bottom, it will just be blank. any way to troubleshoot this?
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