Pebble not playing nice with BlueTooth HR monitors

AdamRietveldAdamRietveld Posts: 3Member
So since the v1.13.0 update I've noticed my Wahoo BlueHR heart rate monitor has had difficulty pairing with new apps while my Pebble was also connected. It seems that if I turn off my Pebble I can connect the heart rate monitor to the app.

If I've already had the HR monitor paired with the app then it seems like my Pebble can be turned on while trying to connect the app and HR monitor.

I'm not sure if it's the nature of low energy Bluetooth, but I haven't had problems using my car stereo via Bluetooth or syncing my Fitbit via Bluetooth while using my Pebble.

Anybody else have troubles?


  • Richard07Richard07 Posts: 18Member
    I've been having interference issues with my car from the Pebble. When Bluetooth is turned off the car handsfree works perfectly. When pebble is paired the buttons do not work correctly, the sound is distorted and choppy and my iPhone refuses to send sound to the handsfree kit 
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  • RichardRichard Posts: 171Member Regular
    I've read snippets around here that seem to suggest that at this time you can only connect one BTLE (BT4, BT Smart) device to the iPhone at any one time.  As the Pebble uses a BTLE connection to the iPhone to make notifications work, this would potentially stop a BTLE heart rate monitor from connecting to the phone.
    I haven't found anything about this limit on the BT website.  However, BT4.1 has been announced and should be provided as an over the air update for existing BT4 chips.  BT4.1 comes with added functionality that should allow various BTLE devices to coexist.

    But then again, this "limit" may be complete cobblers and it may be a completely different issue.
  • KevinDaytonKevinDayton Posts: 1Member
    I've seen this issue as well.  I've noticed that my Wahoo Blue HR often doesn't work as well (seems to freeze for 15-20 secs at a time) when Pebble is also connected.  This doesn't happen every time, but when it does, I usually just power off my Pebble and that solves the issue.  I'm not sure that it is an issue with multiple BTLE devices as I've biked with the HR, cadence sensors and RFLKT (all BTLE devices) with no issue.  I also use a Fitbit over BTLE alongside the HR monitor without issue.
  • FlarupFlarup Posts: 5Member Pebbler
    I have experienced something similar to this as well. I had a Jabra wireless headset paired to the same phone as my Pebble was connected to (a Samsung Galaxy Nexus), and the connection to the Pebble was quite unstable when both items was paired (even though the headset was turned off). When I removed the pairing to the Jabra headset the connection to the Pebble starting working MUCH better. I haven't yet have the time to investigate the issue further though.

  • GilmarGilmar Posts: 2Member
    I bought a pebble for running and cycling and before pebble I was able to connect my iPhone 4s to the Smart Heart Rate and to the Smart Speed and Cadance Sensors so yes, iPhone can connect to multiple Smart Devices at the same time.
    Yesterday my pebble arrived and I went out to cycling and all 3 were connected to the iPhone at the same time (Pebble, Smart Heart Rate and Speed/Cadance Sensors). Everything went well for the first 3 Km and then I lost the signal of the Smart HR and Smart Speed/Cadance sensors. Now I'm just able to connect to the sensors if Peeble is not connected and vice versa. I'm very disappointed, I will spread the news.

  • BrandonJohnson01BrandonJohnson01 Posts: 5Member Pebbler
    Count me in as another highly disappointed user. I have a Wahoo Tickr (newer version of the original Wahoo HR monitor). When I started searching for a smart watch, the main things I was after was ability to control music while running and cycling as well as get notifications of calls, txts, etc while doing these activities. Now much to my surprise, I can't use my HR monitor at the same time as my Pebble!!!! If I turn bluetooth off on the Pebble to get the Wahoo Tickr to pair up (it won't pair while Pebble is), then the Tickr pairs but the Pebble can then only pair up in BTLE mode which apparently isn't what allows music control. Is this something that there's any hope for being resolved?
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