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    Douwe Maan,

    Here are the images from the source, with the colors inverted. I cant make the sdk work here, could you make a inverted version, please?

  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
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    @Nicolas I have exams coming up so I won't have time to look into it for a couple of days. Someone else can take a crack at it in the meantime; it should be pretty straightforward.
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  • SaeranSaeran Posts: 421Member Pebbler
    Been using it all day today.  Love it!  Definitely my current favourite watch face.
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  • FabrizioZinconeFabrizioZincone Posts: 4Member
    I know this is a stupid question, but is there a step by step process to download .pbw files to the watch? I downloaded it to my computer but not sure where to store it on my android phone so that the watch can find it.
    On Android you can add the watchfaces in at least two ways: 
    1- Browse the internet and go to myppeblefaces.com. Download the .pbw which will kick off the pebble app and send to paired pebble.
    2- Download the .pbw files, create a folder on your phone and store them all in there. Use a file explorer app on the phone to find and open them. This will kick off the pebble app and send to paired pebble.

    I prefer option 2, because this way you get to take all the watchfaces with you and can swap them around anytime you want (since you can have only 8 installed at any one time).

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    My favorite so far as well. I will fork this and make one with more rounded fonts. If anyone has any suggestions on the font, please send them.
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  • ChaseMastersChaseMasters Posts: 41Member
    Thanks for the American version!
  • SimonRoffeSimonRoffe Posts: 13Member Pebbler
    @Michael If you open the Download link on your Android phone, it should launch the Pebble app and install the watchface on your watch automatically.
    Would this work on an iOS phone?
  • JnmJnm Posts: 298Member Regular
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    So glad to see it for real ;)
    So sad my Pebble hasn't been delivered so far :'(
    Can't wait to play with it!

    Thanks again Douwe!

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  • Jim HarleyJim Harley Posts: 11Member Pebbler
    Love this, thanks. One really little thing though, could the day not be three characters long rather than two and slightly bigger?

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    Love the watch, but love how amazing developers are more! PebbleBike - quality!

  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
    @Simon Not yet, unfortunately. We'll have to wait for Apple to accept the iOS app update.

    @Jean-Noel Thank *you* for the idea!

    @Jim I'll give that a try later this week.
  • JariTyrvainenJariTyrvainen Posts: 1Member
    This is nice, but is it possible to change the year to week number? Everyone will remember what year, but no one can remember what a week :)
  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
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    @Jari  I'll give it a try later this week!
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  • DavidTelescaDavidTelesca Posts: 75Member Pebbler
    My favorite face so far!
  • TerrenceSaraccoTerrenceSaracco Posts: 16Member Pebbler
    Love this one! Thank you for making a US date version.
  • AdamFryAdamFry Posts: 27Member Pebbler
    Absolutely love this one, just updated the ios app and its my first custom one loaded.
  • DouweMaanDouweMaan Posts: 100Member
    All of your positive comments are very much appreciated :)
  • MarkCarterMarkCarter Posts: 1Member
    I would love to see the "Day XX XX XX" from the bottom of this added to the default Words watch face that has been modified to include O' on the same line as one, two, three ect.

    That would be my ideal watch face.

    Thanks for this!
  • BrianWentinkBrianWentink Posts: 3Member Pebbler
    Nice work, perfect!
  • DavidHumberDavidHumber Posts: 20Member
    This is awesome. Thanks!
  • Gameboy213Gameboy213 Posts: 141Member
    Fantastic work on this one! Love it.
  • FelixGarciaFelixGarcia Posts: 44Member Pebbler
    Nice watch face, my favorite so far.
    Loving this watch face!  Great job!
  • Karlheinz AgsteinerKarlheinz Agsteiner Posts: 10Member Pebbler
    My favorite watchface so far. The animation is beautiful. Great job. Thanks!
  • BrechtYpermanBrechtYperman Posts: 5Member
    Love it!
  • TsunglungYangTsunglungYang Posts: 6Member
    I like it, so i change month and week to Chinese/Japanese character. Hope you donot mind.
    You can get it at http://ge.tt/8RajeJe/v/0
  • skryskoskrysko Posts: 2Member
    My default watch face right now! Nice job.
  • YannRousseYannRousse Posts: 29Member
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    The new default watch face for me! Thanks!
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  • RobertKosaraRobertKosara Posts: 7Member
    This is also my favorite so far. Fantastic work!

    The numbers look great, I don't think they should be more rounded and the tight spacing looks great. Changing those parameters would make it look a lot less geometric and "tight," which wouldn't work nearly as well, IMHO.
    The best one so far! My favorite!
  • BooyabobbyBooyabobby Posts: 3Member
    Love it!  Now it my current watch face.
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