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  • HughPattersonHughPatterson Posts: 14Member Pebbler
    The pebble is showing Canberra 17/17/17C and openweathermap is detecting a nearby but different suburb Majura 16C
  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    You can find Canberra on openweather and verify the temp and weather icon.

  • finebytefinebyte Posts: 322Member, PDR14 Regular
    @dersie and @ Hugh Patterson

    The weather mix and match is very odd - I just don't see it happening for me. 
    If you update to the latest version you should be able to email me some logs so I can take a look

  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    Of course ;)

    I'm waiting for Google Play update the app, it is still in 0.81 :(

  • MorbydMorbyd Posts: 338Member Regular
    Re: new version
    I'm only getting all-day appointments on the calendar screen (birthdays, mainly), not single appointments.
    Also, it's there's a long lag time scrolling through appointments. I presume that's related to the data transmission limits?
    And lastly, the Tasker set-up sounds a bit complicated (although I admittedly only skimmed the instructions). Have you seen the implementation in the Pebble Tasker app?

  • MikeGuntherMikeGunther Posts: 31Member
    Can you implent the accuweather?
    Ive got too lags in calender and sms send and there was only 5 not 6 messeges on the pebble to send!
  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    Amazing update :) I love the calendar Event, it is one of the more important feature that I want on a smartwatch. For me it works fine, I have all my appointments normal and recurent. I think that is more logic to have next appointment with down button and not up ? like page up and page down on a computer.

    I not understand the Tasker feature ? it display only waiting....
  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    Now I look at weather screen and I have still a big difference between Pebble and openweathermap website.
    Pebble say "6°C overcast" clouds and website "9°C light rain...."

    I I sent a log and I saved on google keep.

  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    edited May 2013
    Now, I try to see Weather detail screen but Pebble does'nt display weather data. After I try the calendar event and it the same, nothing. I look at the Android App and view the log file with refresh at each Pebble button press. I obtain this :

    03:24:34 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -128
    03:24:52 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -127
    03:25:01 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -126
    03:25:22 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -125
    03:25:24 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -124
    03:25:37 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -123
    03:25:57 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -122
    03:26:05 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -121
    03:26:11 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -120
    03:26:17 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -119
    03:26:28 PebbleRcvr PebbleRcvr - drop duplicate tx -118

    with not update screen on Pebble : calendar or weather detail.

    I must escape the pebble App and relaunch to works anew.

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  • GuyChabotGuyChabot Posts: 1Member
    Thanks for this great app, that's what I was waiting for, weather on my watch! Got a few problems though. With the latest update I can't get into the app settings, it says the app crashes as soon as I touch "settings".  Other than that, I get the weather and all but it doesn'T seem to update by itself. On the previous version I put in a 60 minutes update but even after 3 hours it wouldn't update by itself. It did update when I forced it to however. Oh and the sms message wouldn't work before but with the new version they work like a charm, good job! So, the auto update on the weather still doesn't seem to work for me and I can't access the settings anymore, other than that, everything else is working great, keep up the good work.
  • kpjimmykpjimmy Posts: 271Member Pebbler
    As I commented in the general thread, that I would love a notification of a disconnect from the phone if at all possible. A visual cue or vibration on the watch maybe? 
  • finebytefinebyte Posts: 322Member, PDR14 Regular

    Thanks for the log upload. The duplicate suppression is supposed to be reset when you launch the watchapp again. 
    You should see PebbleRcvr Got INIT resetting txid when you start the watchapp

    @ Guy Chabot
    Re Settings can you send a crash report if you get one please - it looks like there is a problem with SwitchPreference on old Androids.
    For the other stuff if you can send the logs that would be great, especially if you see something relevant in them like an exception!

    I will add some more info on Tasker configuration when I have a moment, but I don't think I can match PebbleTasker right now!

    I have it on the todo list - although I suspect it might involve pinging the phone from your watch every so often which would drain the battery

  • HughPattersonHughPatterson Posts: 14Member Pebbler
    Hi @dersie, I've emailed you through the log of my pebble's weird output =) please ignore any embarrassing junk in there!
  • finebytefinebyte Posts: 322Member, PDR14 Regular
    @ Christopher

    Nice, Thanks - if you put your instructions somewhere I can link to them, or I can c&p them into my website

    @ Hugh and others with weather temp weirdness

    This is what I get back from openweather, you can see all the temps are the same!
    I will report something to the openweather guys and see what they say

    {"message":0.0125,"cod":"200","calctime":"","cnt":1,"list":[{"id":2172517,"name":"Canberra","coord":{"lon":149.128067,"lat":-35.283459},"distance":0.827,"main":{"temp":285.15,"pressure":1015,"humidity":58,"temp_min":285.15,"temp_max":285.15},"dt":1369033200,"wind":{"speed":5.7,"deg":320},"clouds":{"all":40},"weather":[{"id":802,"main":"Clouds","description":"scattered clouds","icon":"03d"}]}]}
  • ChristopherSteinChristopherStein Posts: 14Member
    You can link to my google+ post (figured I'd give it another try after the redesign) that's pretty much the same thing: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109925457418000128828/posts/WKjzY7rktKz

    Also I forgot to mention I noticed that if I initialize with Extra formated with leading spaces it ignores Line 1's leading space.  Like so: "msg: Line 1: Line 2: Line 3" will appear like so
    • Line 1
    •  Line 2
    •  Line 3
  • PrzemyslawBobnisPrzemyslawBobnis Posts: 18Member
    I still have an problem with text support after the app and watchapp updates. 
    Getting to the point:
    - everything works and I can select a recipient but when I arrive at the choosing text presets screen it gets stuck at: loading presets.. and never shows anything to choose. Going back works and nothing crushes.
  • EsaEsa Posts: 10Member
    edited May 2013
    Ugh. I had some trouble setting up the Tasker interface, and after some trial&error noticed a typo on the instructions.
    "When the face initialises it sends the Intent uk.co.finebyte.pebblelgance.TASKERINIT".
    I was being lazy and copy-pasted that into received intend, and that typo remains in Christopher Stein's excellent guide...
    I just wish I had seen that guide before doing things the hard way. :-)

    Loving this app, by the way. Thanks, finebyte!
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  • finebytefinebyte Posts: 322Member, PDR14 Regular
    Good catch - I have corrected the website, Thanks

    Can you upload a log and send me details of your phone please - Make and Android version
    Are you just using the default replies or have you edited them?

  • PrzemyslawBobnisPrzemyslawBobnis Posts: 18Member
    @finebyte ;
    I have edited them and now just to refresh the thing I have just reedited the first sentence and IT WORKS! :)
  • finebytefinebyte Posts: 322Member, PDR14 Regular
    ;Przemyslaw Bobnis
    Thats great. So it seems like there might be a bug where the app isn't loading the SMS presets if you haven't edited them. I will take a look at that.Thanks
  • ClintWilliamsClintWilliams Posts: 52Member Pebbler
    Tasker: How do we get the new Tasker functions to work? I'm new to tasker but definitely interested in the functionality. I use a car-dock for my GNex and being able to take a picture remotely from the watch would be great using a Tasker action.
  • ReinhardMitschangReinhardMitschang Posts: 461Member Regular
    just as christopher described above
  • kpjimmykpjimmy Posts: 271Member Pebbler
    I had weird weather reports as well. I kept getting rain in according to openweather near my local area, but there's no rain forecast until tomorrow maybe. I know Texas is a BIG state and probably rain somewhere lol. But I needed to localize my area or maybe broaden it. What I did was input my latitude/longitude for my area. Not really my local town but San Antonio for a broader scale of sorts I guess. So far, no rain lol.

    I have noticed that the watchapp stops reading the pebble. I guess it polls the connection every now and then? I can manually wake it up by selecting glance again from the watchapp menu.
  • dersiedersie Posts: 1,085Member Regular
    edited May 2013
    Christopher SteinTomasz on the other Pebble Glance post on General discussion, for your explanation of Tasker use :)  I had an old version without the intent receiver and I struggled but now it works fine. Is a very very good feature :) :) :)

    I have wrong weather on my Pebble. Data does'nt mach with data found on openweathermap website like you can see on my snapshot.

    @finebyte can you tel me the resquest you made at openweathermap to obtain your data ? with this we can see if it is the right data see on the site. Data on your log file are the same  as those displayed on the pebble but not that of the site, so the log does not help.

    kpjimmy and quit the watch app and re launch it for it works anew.

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  • EsaEsa Posts: 10Member
    Yeah, @Tomasz had the same idea as I had.

    Tried to to a 5-way toggle switch too that changes (currently) only the text on Glance button label, and it works just fine. 
  • ChristopherSteinChristopherStein Posts: 14Member
    I'm glad my guide is helping people out.  I'm curious what other profiles people are creating for use with their Pebbles.  Here's two of mine:

    Imo Notify On/Off: Uses Pebble Notifier to turn on and off sending instant messages to my watch.  This is useful because when I'm at a computer chatting with someone my watch would buzz incessantly since the instant messages were going to both my watch and phone.  Now I can turn them off when I'm not using my phone to chat.

    Google Now: As I mentioned in my guide as an example I have a profile that uses Secure Settings to disable my lockscreen and turn the screen on.  Next Tasker opens Google Now and finally re-enables my lockscreen since I only disabled it to get Google Now to show up when waking the phone from sleep.  I'm loving it in the car as California has a stupid law saying you can't touch your phone for pretty much any reason while driving.  I don't want to get a ticket just unlocking my screen so this profile is perfect for that situation.

    @Esa I don't know if you've tested your profile but I wrote something similar for my Imo Notify profile and if you implement yours as written you'll find that the profile will actually execute both if statements thus disabling your lockscreen for only a moment before re-enabling it.  You'll want to use an If statement followed by Else If instead.
  • miniskunkminiskunk Posts: 16Member
    I tried the lat/long override in the updated Glace app, but it is still reporting the same wrong location 23 miles(37km) from where I am. I have confirmed that openweather does report my local weather station correctly when I use the lat/long in a web browser so it appears the override is not working despite the log saying it should. I sent a log copy via email to you to look at.
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